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Mayfield Coal - I  built this model for Joe Bux several years ago - I have it back now getting it put in a display case for him. Archives: The model is O scale, and approximately 2' x 3' in actual size - it is constructed of posterboard covered with Holgate and Reynolds brick sheeting, with Grandt Line windows installed from the inside.

The last three (3) bottom photo(s) display, in detail, the entire lot of buildings and structures that were displayed on a layout.
I painted the Stewart FT's, never thinking that they would come out with ones done up in O&W colors.
These VINTAGE Rural Residential Storage Shed Store & trackside layout accessories has been previously enjoyed.
This ATLAS building supply company lumber yard trackside layout accessory has been previously enjoyed.

The water tank is vertical, contrary to the distortion in the photo, and is a brass import. There are eleven (11) Items and I believe that eight (8) are HO scale and three (3) are N gauge.

Peco 32mm track
Hornby thomas scratchpad memory
Woodland Trail Jefferson NJ
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