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There are hundreds of layouts available for review in numerous books found at your local hobby shop and also online via Google. I have figured out what is wrong with my brain!  On the left side nothing works right, and on the right side there is nothing left!
Tunnels increases the beauty of the layout and tunnel is wonderfully constructed in this layout. Lakes also increases the beauty of the model train layout and here in this layout, beautifully constructed lake is increasing the beauty of this layout. Cargo locomotives are smoothly running on the railroads and these locomotives are used wonderfully in this amazing N scale layout.
Like lakes, trees and buildings, railroad bridges constructed over lakes or rivers increases the awesomeness of the model train layout.

Designer of this layout beautifully used buildings, trees and other objects to give it a realistic look. Locomotive engines running on railroads are successfully increasing the beauty of the layout! The riders come to the top of the steep, chain-driven hoist on the Cloud Scraper roller coaster. Though they may not be properly visible in any layout but their functionality depends upon the performance of the model train layout.
So buildings must be used in any layout and in the same way trees and buildings are beautifully used in this layout. These railroads are places properly and it is helping in the smooth operations of the model trains and engines.

Pcarrel, I was looking at that design on another forum, and thats the design I was going to build, but I didn't know the demintions. This layout consists of all the essential parts which helps to develop a realistic model train layout.
This design is best option for those who do not have bigger area to develop a bigger model. Hot train action, including lots of switching, and narrated in an entertaining style you're sure to enjoy.

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