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These powered SW1500 locomotives are painted black with white lettering and white reflectors on sides and ends. CIR 5204 DT-4 Rolling Stock Detection UnitCircuitron DT-4 Rolling Stock Detection Unit Ideal for spotting a hidden train or piece of rolling stock. CIR 5303 Snapper Switch Machine Power SupplyCircuitron Snapper Switch Machine Power Supply Solid state, provides positive power to dual-coil switch machines. CIR 5601 AS-1 Automatic SlowdownAS-1 Automatic Slowdown Slows train speed in a section of track. CIR 9506 Mounting Track 6"Printed Circuit Mounting Track 6" Plastic assembly provides simple snap-in mounting of all Circuitron printed circuit boards. Stonebridge Models Minneapolis Northfield  and Southern Railway 56' All Door Boxcar kit - Less Trucks and couplers ..

Kadee # 308 Under the Track Uncoupler Magnet (1) Extra strong magnet can be completely hidden beneath ties and ballasted over. Kadee # 309 Under-Track Electric Uncoupler Extra strong magnet can be completely hidden beneath ties and ballasted over. The EMD SW1500 was a 1,500 hp (1,119 kW) diesel locomotive intended for switching service and was built by General Motors’ Electro-Motive Division.
The SW1500 featured a bulkier car body and was a bit heavier from earlier models although its intended use remained the same, working light branch lines or in industrial settings. The models are almost entirely constructed with peel & stick laserboard materials, making assembly much faster. Using good lighting, proper magnification, fine point tweezers, and taking care to properly align each part before they permanently stick together, you can now build a contest quality model of the Thrall-Door car in a couple evenings.In the late 60's Thrall Car Manufacturing Company came out with a new boxcar designed to make loading of high value timber products faster and easier.

56' overall with a 50' inside length, the car was trademarked as the Thrall-Door car and had 4 sliding plug doors on each side, making it much faster to load than a typical boxcar.By opening doors in pairs, and using forklifts to load from both sides, many lumber companies and railroads saw these cars as a better way to load, transport, and protect their products. Wearing the colorful paint schemes of their lessors, the Thrall-Door quickly became a favorite of both shippers and rail-fans.

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