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That argument you keep hearing from the Right, about how Hobby Lobby still offers 16 kinds of birth control that they don't believe is abortion-y, so quit your bitchin' libs? The Supreme Court on Tuesday confirmed that its decision a day earlier extending religious rights to closely held corporations applies broadly to the contraceptive coverage requirement in the new health care law, not just the handful of methods the justices considered in their ruling. The justices did not comment in leaving in place lower court rulings in favor of businesses that object to covering all 20 methods of government-approved contraception. The justices also ordered lower courts that ruled in favor of the Obama administration to reconsider those decisions in light of Monday's 5-4 decision. Symposium Gauges Women's Rights Post Hobby Lobby and McCullen - Drexel University Thomas R.
For a better experience, click the icon above to turn off Compatibility Mode, which is only for viewing older websites. Calling Hobby Lobby "one of the most dangerous decisions we've seen from this court," Carol Tracy of the Women's Law Project said the decision allows closely held corporations to impose their religious beliefs on their employees, something that has previously never been allowed in the U.S.
Joshua Field an attorney at the Center for American Progress and Jasmine Burnett, an activist from RH Reality Check, agreed with Tracy, commenting that Hobby Lobby is not really a case about religious freedom but using so-called "religious rights" to undermine women's rights to reproductive health. Historically, the Supreme Court has found that an individual should not have to conform to the religious beliefs of another, Field said. Jon Miller, an attorney at the Massachusetts Attorney General's Civil Rights Division, detailed how the Massachusetts legislature responded to the McCullen decision.
In the keynote address, Slate Senior Editor Dahlia Lithwick traced the history and impact of women on the Supreme Court, from the 1981 appointment of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to the existing trio of Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Despite the increased presence of female justices, recent rulings suggest that women "are more invisible than when an all-male court handed down Griswold and handed down Roe," Lithwick said, referring to landmark cases that struck down restrictions on contraception and abortion decades ago.
Although Hobby Lobby, McCullen and other recent rulings amount to "an all out massacre in terms of women's rights and freedoms," Lithwick said history suggests that the presence of three women on the court will likely have an eventual impact on the male justices' thinking. After all, Lithwick noted, Ginsburg was the lone woman on the court in 2009, when male justices during arguments in Safford Unified School District v.
The event was sponsored by the Law Students for Reproductive Justice, Women's Law Society, Health Law Society, American Constitution Society and the National Lawyers Guild. The Department of Health and Human Services and Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, in implementing Obamacare’s essential benefits, ruled companies offering health care coverage must cover most forms of preventive care without copayment, including all methods of contraception approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Four of the twenty FDA-approved methods can function by preventing the implantation of a fertilized egg. Though the Obama administration announced a one-year delay in the mandate that employers provide insurance, the essential benefits mandates remain in effect. The court held that corporations are persons for the purposes of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, but the RFRA requires them to have a sincere belief. Matt Bowman, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom, said the government argued for a strong distinction between the religious liberty of for-profit and nonprofit corporations.
Religious liberty acts as an early warning system for other civil liberties, says Sarah Torre, a research assistant at The Heritage Foundation.

Welcome to Americans for Truth, a national organization devoted exclusively to exposing and countering the homosexual activist agenda.
Learning Activism from Planned Parenthood: LGBT activists work hand-in-hand with the Abortion Lobby. Hobby Lobby – and Should They Be Worried?">Why Are Liberal ‘Gay’ Activists Freaking Out over a Contraception Case – Hobby Lobby – and Should They Be Worried? It’s easy to understand why hard-core feminists with their frenzied, overblown “War on Women” rhetoric would be outraged by the Supreme Court upholding Hobby Lobby’s right as a Christian-run corporation not to be forced to provide abortifacients to its employees through an Obama-care mandate.
The case was never about denying women birth control, but you wouldn’t know that from the “reporting” by liberal media and hyperventilating “progressive” bloggers. Hobby Lobby’s founders, David and Barbara Green, are committed Christians who believe that life begins at conception and should be protected. Now, one would think that obtaining cheap, subsidized contraception would be low on the priority list for homosexuals, seeing that two men or two women by themselves cannot produce a child. Immediately after the decision, feminists flew into a rage, circulating crude versions of Justice Ginsburg’s dissent and distortions about women being denied birth control by their “male bosses.” Too bad most Americans will never read the actual Hobby Lobby decision—which lays out two diametrically opposed, competing visions about freedom of conscience and the role of government in these United States. Hobby Lobby’s owners, David and Barbara Green, seek to use their business to glorify Jesus Christ. On the side of preserving and even expanding Americans’ religious liberty were five judges: Alito, Kennedy, Roberts, Scalia and Thomas. On the other side—of Big Government overriding citizens’ religious beliefs, restricting conscience exemptions to federal mandates, and putting federal power behind expanded access to entitlements–were Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Breyer and Kagan. As much as Ginsburg believes the majority’s “immoderate” reading of Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is too broad, hers is too narrow: she ends by arguing that exemptions under the RFRA should be limited to explicitly religious organizations—leaving for-profit Christian businessmen like the Greens unprotected. The bigger government gets–in both its “social justice” mission and the amount of goodies it gives out as “entitlements”—the greater the threat to Americans’ right to freely exercise their faith.
Folks, I’ve taken the extraordinary step of asking some pro-life and pro-family leaders and friends to vouch for me in the face of a leftist attempt to dislodge me as a speaker at the upcoming Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association event April 11-12. Thanks to Joe and all the wonderful leaders and advocates who have come to my defense regarding the Canada trip.
On Friday, I attended a funeral mass yesterday that celebrated the life of Dick Walsh (pictured at right), who passed away July 31. Dick was a remarkable man who crusaded tirelessly for the rights of the unborn and, in his later years, to preserve real marriage against the revolutionary homosexual redefinition.
Dick was a can-do cultural warrior of the sort we could use more of if we are ever to restore America to her former greatness. His life was a rebuke to the cynicism that grips this state and, increasingly, this nation, which he loved as a patriot.
The pro-life movement has palpable energy and confidence — reflected in the myriad of pro-life groups tackling every aspect of the struggle to protect innocent life and reach and heal abortive or potentially abortive women.
This is not to say that preserving marriage as between a man and a woman is not a critical priority — but rather that it is only one battle in a much larger war that must be fought aggressively if we have any hope of turning things around as the pro-life movement has.
This is Part One of AFTAH’s interview [listen HERE] with Jim Finnegan, a longtime pro-life and pro-family Catholic advocate in the Chicago area who is active with Defend Marriage Illinois.
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Redding seemed to regard the strip-search of a 13-year-old girl as "a Porky's punchline." Following Ginsburg's public dressing-down of her colleagues, a 7-2 majority ruled that school officials had violated the girl's rights, Lithwick said.
Sebelius ruled for-profit corporations have religious liberty, granting Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.
Beginning in July, Hobby Lobby faced fines of as much as $1.3 million a day for failing to comply, according to Emily Hardman, spokesperson for the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty. Hobby Lobby still provides 16 forms of birth control as a health benefit to its employees, but its founders—along with another Christian-owned corporation, Conestoga Wood Specialists—sued HHS over being forced to provide four contraceptive methods that could terminate a fertilized egg. To quote the Court decision, “Hobby Lobby’s statement of purpose commits the Greens to ‘[h]onoring the Lord in all [they] do by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.’” So strong is the Greens’ commitment to Jesus Christ that they have lost countless millions of dollars in profits over the years by closing their 500 craft stores nationwide on Sunday. Nevertheless, Big Gay Inc is in a tizzy over the Supreme Court decision—because Burwell vs. Their 500 stores across the country are closed on Sundays, costing the Greens many millions of dollars in profits. He was also a faithful husband, a loving dad and grandfather, a committed Catholic, and a very successful businessman. It is fantastic to behold and provides much-needed evidence that good can rally against evil (though there is of course much work to be done).
Democratic politicians, influenced by pro-abortion lobbyists, have stalled the plates for years. And it's not just about the actual drugs or devices, it's about your doctor even talking to you about contraception. Department of Health and Human Services could not require closely held corporations to provide health insurance coverage for methods of contraception that violate the religious beliefs of the owners of those corporations.
Coakley, in which the court held that a Massachusetts law violated the First Amendment by requiring a 35-foot buffer zone around abortion facilities. View the full  151-page Creating Change 2015 program HERE; we added the emphasis to this item, which is found on page 66. We stand with Americans and people the world over who are working to stop the ongoing massacre of innocents made possible by this judicial travesty.
Hobby Lobby isn’t really about contraceptives but rather whether Americans like the Greens will be free to live out their religious convictions. If the nation’s highest court grants that even very large “closely held” family businesses like Hobby Lobby (which has more than 13,000 employees) possess a religious liberty claim under RFRA, then surely small family businesses like Elane Photography in New Mexico—owned by Jonathan and Elaine Huguenin—should have the right not to use their creative talents to serve homosexual “weddings,” which violate their Christian faith. LaBarbera and Foster affirm that staying principled on social issues like abortion and homosexuality transcends party politics, and warn that many Christians will abandon the GOP if it fails to defend the truth on those issues.

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