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There are numerous beneficial reasons to indulge in the hobby of model trains that actually help people have a more fulfilling life. For example, if you have grandchildren, one of the kids can paint scenery while the other is measuring the perfect location for a model truss bridge design.
Also, model railroading is extremely educational and can be teaching you about history by examining different era’s and locations. For example, in the United States, railroads were one of the building blocks of the developing country. By understanding this information and then replicating certain themes within your model railroad is very fulfilling.
Overall, model trains is definitely more of a hobby than an addiction but the fact that I dedicate majority of my days writing about model trains, building beginner getting started guides and creating model train layouts may have some beg to differ.
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I used to spend a lot of time and money for railfanning, adding to my extensive collection and building various layouts of all sizes over the frist 45 years of my life. First off, building a model railroad is a great family activity that allows everyone in the family to participate together in different aspect.
While developing your model railroad theme, the research process can expose you to historical facts and events during certain time periods. Without railroads, the possibility of expanding into new territories was only possible by logistically moving supplies throughout the great states.
Regardless of history, it can be help replicate your own personal memories of childhood memories such as catching the Amtrak at the Chicago Union Station or a Miniatur-Wunderland from Germany.
Through writing articles for magazines on the subject, I am getting insight in themes that I used to ignore in fromer years.
When I just wanted to run trains, I did not care for signals or things like command control.

I have paid a lot more attention to benchwork and such while working alongside with my friends. So, although I do not have as much time or money left for my hobby, I still enjoy the fun and the friendship. You get hooked on the temporary fix of a happy euphoric high that it gives, and you become dependent on the idea that you will find another fix around the railroad corner.

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