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K10183 LEGO Hobby Train is a Trains set released in 2007 made with LEGO Digital Designer pieces.
Advertencia: No apto para ninos menores de 3 anos, debido a que existe peligro de asfixia por la presencia de piezas pequenas. Este producto ha sido retirado del catalogo.?Desea ser notificado si vuelve a estar disponible?
Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Sevilla, Tomo 5324, Libro 0, Folio 80, Sección 8, Hoja SE 88334. Para navegar por deMartina debe aceptar las condiciones de uso y política de privacidad, incluido el uso de cookies. After LEGO has stopped producing current-carrying metal tracks a new market is open for third party manufacturers.
These rails are offered in various lengths: 64 studs (Quad), 32 studs (Double), 16 studs and 8 studs (Half). For any new LEGO train fan who is just starting to build and collect LEGO trains I would recommend complete LEGO sets as LEGO offers them today: Cargo train #7939, Passenger train #7938 or the new 2011 Cargo train #3677.
If you are more experienced in LEGO trains you will love LEGO train sets like Emerald Night #10194 ar Maersk train #10219.
Use the various PowerFunctions components and the PowerFunction trainmotor #88002 if you build your own train models, especially when it comes to steam engines.

The 4,5V train system of the grey era is a further development of the 4,5V system from the blue era. The set #182 from 1975 is one of the biggest sets from the blue 4,5V era and it was the first LEGO train set I got as a child. It contains 1080 pieces to construct many different train sections from cabooses, oil cars, and even log carts, all varying in size. Also sogar ich (als recht erfahrener erwachsener Legobauer) hatte da meine Probleme, die Modelle zusammenzukriegen. Looking at the rails and the drive by the train motors you'll find many different systems which – more or less – are compatible to each other.
They contain either dark bluish-grey or redish-brown sleepers and some special elements to connect "Metal Rails" to your existing 9V tracks. In 2006 the current-carrying 9V track was out of production and the new PowerFunctions were not yet finished. This system is recognisable by the current-carrying tracks and the metal wheels which pick up the power for the train motor. But using smooth curves or ME Metal Rails you can expand the possiblities of this kind of track. The powering of the trains was done by using a heavy speed regulator (trafo) which provided power through the current-carrying middle track elements for the 12V train motor.

The powering of the trains was done by using a heavy blue speed regulator (trafo) which provided power through the current-carrying middle track elements for the 12V train motor. We also have way more products than those listed here so if you don't see it just ask, as we probably have it anyway ! Wundert mich nur, dass noch niemand die ganzen Einzelbilder zu einem PDF zusammengefugt hat. Similar to the PowerFunctin remote control a remote control was offered to control your RC trains. It was easy to replace the 4,5V motor by a 12V motor and also the rails could be reused by just adding the additional current-carrying middle track element. This element did not get many fans amoung the real LEGO fans because it is nearly useless while building your own creations. This could be observed at the astronomic prices, especially for straight 9V track pieces and 9V train motors.

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