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Thanks a lot everyone, was looking for a xmas project this christmas and i've found one Franco-Crosti boilerLooks like be busy with the dremmel for ??48 where could one go wrong. I have the previous tender driven 'super detail' incarnation of Hornby's 9F, and as supplied the width over the cylinders was 39mm; so your 'way out of gauge' suspicions are likely correct as the new loco powered Railroad version looks to have exactly the same bodywork.
I'm surprised about the absence of brake gear, given that it was present on the super-detail 9Fs. I used to have a Hornby super detailed 9F (weathered one), I flogged it because I was rationalising my stock with an eye on going dcc. I was talking to someone in my local model shop about how Murdoch would be an interesting addition to the Thomas range.I also noticed in my lads Thomas comic a new engine that looks like a M7. I think the M7 is a bit too detailed for the range if I'm honest.But Murdoch would seem a solid model, I'd put money on it.
Mine finally arrived from Liverpool, wife was very disappointed that for the first time there was NO string on the parcel! The Hornby sponsored Calendar that came with a certain magazine appears to show an unnumbered and unnamed late crest 9f without Evening Star's copper topped chimney. It's come out pretty well but will become the subject of my first ever attempt at heavily weathering a steam loco so it may yet not fare as well.
Well as I said before the cheapness of the Hornby Railroad 9F meant I could attempt my first ever steam loco weathering project so whilst watching the darts last night I got busy with an armarda of Tesco Value cleaning sponges, cotton buds and Humbrol matt black. The tricky bit was making sure it got in all the nooks and crannies and that it was an even application but with the cab side numbers still visible.92205 was chosen by the way as not only was she an S&D machine but also an Eastleigh 9F which theoretically but extremely unlikely it could have ventured into Sussex one day when no one was looking! Glad to see some one posted this because I to am rather interested in this.If the model is indeed loco driven (whos going to take the plung and prove it to us!
Well, in addition to my Bachmann Evening Star and a black version, I still have one of the old Hornby 9Fs which I detailed and repainted years ago.
Well it looks like my remarks have stirred up some discussion if nothing else Very interesting indeed to hear that Hornby HAVE gone for loco drive. Already have the paint and Fox transfers to do a black Eastleigh based loco when I open my parcel from Hornby on Monday.
I know it's not as finely detailed as my Bachmann version but at roughly half the cost, it's worth it. While it had it's shortcomings compared to the Bachmann one (being that it's an evolution of 30 year old tooling) I found it a pleasing device to look at. On closer inspection, it does however appear to have a green tender and boiler though that could just be down to the printing, so maybe they are doing a non-celebrity 2-10-0 in the Railroad Range for 2009. This pic from PMP fooled me completely, only on the second look did I realise it was a model!

Yesterday, I got it out for a spin (quite literally), as the wheel-slip seemed excessive, even pulling one coach! In fact on my frends loft layout which has tight cuves on a gradiant my Bachmann 9F can compete haulage whise with my all wheel drive diesel models. For anyone so inclined shortening the stretcher bar would reposition the cylinders inboard. Well worth an extra ??40.Though give it merit on the cost side, ideal for those new to the hobby and as it says in the description a stepping stone in the hobby. I agree with everything that Jim49 said though especially about the tender wheels acting as brakes. We didn't have any more stock to hand at the time but if we had I would have tested it out more. Probably then necessary to limit the sideplay on the leading coupled axle as the crankpins could foul the rear of the crosshead with the cylinders correctly positioned. There might just be a little more daylight under Hornby's boiler than Bachmann's but it's a lot less than the original 9F. That was soon sorted and at the local club everyone was very impressed with its looks and smooth running.
Even some reviewers have been very soft in their criticism of this point in the Bachmann model, which amazes me.3. Just actually look at normal photos of 9F's and see how much daylight there is, and the answer is 'not much' see prototype pics above.If the model is indeed loco driven (whos going to take the plung and prove it to us! It has taken a while, but Bachmann now have some significant brand awareness in Hornby's core 'trainset' market. I would suggest that the centre wheelset could do with some traction tyres, but I don't know whether they are available or even necessary after the tests done by others. When are they going to release a proper super-detail version on the new chassis?My betting is that it will still be tender drive, presumably with oriental 5-pole armature, and that others still with tender drive may follow. The tenders are a different kettle of fish and this is where the Hornby unit shows its age. Oh, and personally I did not even notice brake gear missing until I read about it in this column, I blame age and eyesight!
The tender ran much better after some weight was added from the few pennies left in my wallet.
So if the tender drive is good enough for the 9F and others, why did the Railroad Scotsman get the nice new chassis? These should suit both those who only want basic portrayal of features at a basic price AND should provide (compared to a superdetailed, fully finished, showcase standard RTR item) an inexpensive and less wasteful starting point for those who want to alter or superdetail to their own tastes. This means that it would have less chance of getting up the grade without suffering wheelslip.Incedently the second best steam loco haulage whise was one of Bachmann's standard 4 tanks.

The overall length if pretty much OK but the general shape of the tender when compared to Bachmann's is a let-down.
But then nobody else at the meeting noticed either, they were all too busy watching a lovely looking loco pull a decent sized freight train!
Something that will be changed in the future perhaps?Any one who is wondering about performance will not be disappointed.
Straight from the box, the tender was hardly heavy enough to hold down the spring contacts on the coupling.
Straight from the box the loco was quiet ran smoothly and without any hesitation over pointwork. I cobbled up a load of 16 assorted coaches and both locos were able to get this lot under way and keep it moving all round the layout, albeit with continuous slipping. Reducing the load to 12 coaches cured this almost completely so there is virtually nothing between them in haulage power. At present the Bachmann has the better slow-speed control but once the Hornby is run in properly this may not be so noticeable.Anything else? Of the three tender axles, the first & third are fitted with pick-ups and these were formed from very springy brass which by rubbing against the backs of the wheels made very effective brakes.
As the loco has pick-ups on eight of the driving wheels I may take the easy way out and simply bend the pick-ups away from the wheels completely. The centre axle which is not fitted with pick-ups was also very reluctant to turn so I removed the tender chassis from the underframe assembly and found that the axle would then revolve quite freely! Refitting the chassis back into the underframe restored the problem however so I am guessing that some part of the underframe was rubbing against the axle and preventing it turning.
I cured this by removing the wheelset and drilling out the axle hole in the chassis to give some additional vertical movemant. All is now well and the tender runs much more easily than before.To show how much braking effect the tender was exerting I had timed the loco and a 6 coach train with and without the tender before carrying out the adjustments. With the controller set to 50% power, the engine with the tender took 34.5 second to complete a lap of the layout.
With the tender removed and the coaches coupled direct to the engine, the lap-time was reduced to 26.5 seconds.

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