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Around 1987, I privately imported a Hornby Thomas loco for my then 5-year old son to use on his simple circular layout. A year or so later, I motorised an Ertl Toby diecast push-along toy, using a Tenshodo spud. During recent visits to her home, I took an oval of Setrack, a couple of locos and a selection of rolling stock.
Very little needed to be changed on the FS body a€“ mainly repairs to the cab roof and the cab floor. After removal of its old hinge and catch, the face fitted the smokebox nicely and so was affixed with 5-minute Araldite, which also filled a couple of slots provided for the original smokebox door.
The Princess chassis had to be shortened and ground back at the front to fit under the FS body. The Britannia cylinders sit much higher on the chassis than the FS ones, so a new stretcher was cast between them, using 5-minute Araldite. Some fouling of the connecting rods was noted during test assembly of the valve gear, so the slidebars were slightly shortened.

I did need to buy a very battered Britannia loco and Tri-ang Princess tender a€“ for $40 from Train Trader in Pymble. I dona€™t think Audrey will care whether this example is a new one from Hornby (or Bachmann) or one constructed in Poppya€™s workshop. These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to. To confirm your understanding and acceptance of this please click on OK to continue using the site. I found an unbranded 4-wheeled end-platform coach on a a€?bring and buya€? stall and repainted that as Henrietta.
These all saw a lot of use with him until he got a little older and they then slept in a glass case. Dummy valve gear mouldings were removed from beneath the footplate to facilitate fitting to the chassis. A brass extension was fabricated to locate into a slot under the smokebox and another to extend the frame under the cab and provide a convenient way to screw the chassis to the body. One this had cured, the assembly was milled back until the cylinders sat correctly in the frames.

A new rear stretcher for the valve gear was fabricated from 1mm thick printed circuit board. However, the inside surfaces of the cylinders had to be ground back to allow the model to run on 1st radius curves without the bogie wheels jamming against them.
It now looks the part, especially hauling a pair of old Tri-ang red and cream a€?shortiea€? coaches. Shea€™ll just have a bit of fun watching or driving it until she moves on to her next interest. I have just completed an easily transported fold-up baseboard with a 1st-radius oval of track which we can make operational a lot faster than assembling Setrack. She had a go at driving the trains a€“ not just the Thomas characters a€“ and was remarkably good at doing so.

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