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Progression in Calculations – which was reminiscent of the JUMP Math practice of breaking down Math into small manageable steps to help students understand the basic concepts before moving them to the next level. Positive Behaviour – which was about the way the school implements Restorative Justice and how they deal with bullying.
It interesting to note that the Math workshop was so packed that more chairs were required, while the character building workshops struggled to fill the room.
Our children will be entering into a world that will require much more from them than simply good grades. Even if we aspire for nothing more than to make our children walking encyclopedias, we still need to be concerned about the psychological and emotional needs of our children at school because they have a direct impact on our children’s ability to learn.
Think about a time when you were really upset – when someone made you really angry or scared, or when you were very sad – how well were you able to focus on your work? Education can never be just about shaping your child’s mind because everything is inter-connected. Get the latest from Figur8 delivered straight to your inbox so you'll never miss an update! Nurture for the future is about developing the whole child - heart, mind and body - so that they grow up to become happy, confident and successful adults. Dr Shen-Li Lee is a freelance writer and mum to two boys who have been the inspiration for her ongoing study in child development and education.
As a metaphor, networking provides the digital equivalent of the human nervous system which allows the myriad corporate organs to communicate, signal and co-operate. I’m not sure I agree with his representation because it focusses on just part of the marketplace. Then you could build a Hierarchy of Needs that maps the physical requirements and layers of services above that. The Network is now supporting a range of IT systems that are vital to financial success including B2B, Hosted Services, Remote Access VPNs, IP Telephony as well as the core business apps for finance, business process, accounting and related support services. I feel that Alvaro’s hierarchy is a limited to large organisations, but his article claims a universal model.
Put in more common parlance, Douglas Adams (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) is well known for his more succinct analysis of Maslow’s hierarchy that all societies when through three stages of civilisation — Survival, Inquiry and Sophistication. Would you consider that perhaps the discussion of networking hierarchy should be framed more I terms of a Capability Maturity Model?

The  previous statements are writtent from the point of view of bussines, but with IT language. A podcast on Data Networking where we talk nerdy about technology, recent events, conduct interviews and more.
EtherealMinds Eleven Rules of Design DocumentationHow do I prepare, develop and write Designs ?
Copyright Greg Ferro 2008-2016 - Thanks for reading my site, it's been good to have you here. I have never been able to attend them in previous years because I was always busy when they had them. Given the growing awareness that our children will require more than a perfect academic transcript when they are done with school, I am surprised to see so few parents attending the workshops that talk about developing our children’s soft skills and emotional intelligence. What is love but the feeling of belonging and security? If we can’t fulfill those needs, our children shut down and they cannot take in what they are being taught. She searches for the balance in child development methods and educational philosophies that will encourage the nurture of happy, confident and successful children. If you work at enough different organisations you realise that they all companies operate in similar ways with similar problems and have similar adoption of Networking. This, of course, leads to consideration of the psychological perception of Networking and what is role of the network in a corporate context. Small businesses and home users have very different requirements from a multinational corporation – but they all need networks. Email, Telephony, Document sharing and review, Accounting and Payroll become vital systems and the business is critically dependent on their IT infrastructure.
There is some hope that OpenFlow might kickstart this phase but it’s too early to tell. While it might be instinctive to lay out a model for large corporations because that’s who you think about, speak with and work for every day, but it is worth remembering that Networking is needed by everybody including the little people.
There might be a start-up, whose work might require security and access right from the start, who might also require VPN services. I use these eleven handy rules of Design Documentation that I have worked out over the last fifteen years. Because it works and it’s free I find it installed on most corporate desktops as the default software for terminal client on Windows but not everyone seems to know how to set the defaults.

Opinions, Views and Ideas expressed here are my own and do not represent any employer, vendor or sponsor.
If we as adults, with all our years of experience, struggle to focus on the task at hand when we’re emotionally upset, imagine how difficult it would be for our children who have even less experience dealing with difficult emotions. They can only move up the pyramid to the level of self-actualisation when the needs at the base of the pyramid have been provided for. From an IT infrastructure perspective, most organisations use the same basic service models ( and that’s why the same network hardware can work for all companies with minor variations ).
The Community of Interest, Priority and Self-Optimisation are all focussed on managed application networking challenges. The reality is that all services are built at the same time, and each segment is developed after than. The investment and management of the IT systems is led by middle manager who stills reports to the accountant.
He has over 20 years in IT, in wide range of employers working as a freelance consultant including Finance, Service Providers and Online Companies. But the most important pieces are the people who design, deploy and operate the technology. It also showed me that the school is constantly evolving to keep up with new findings on education and child development and they are committed to make the necessary changes to stay up to date.
And that’s where those workshops on mindsets for learning and positive behaviour come in. They are about meeting the basic and psychological needs of our children so that they can go on to attend to their self-fulfillment needs. He laughed it off and told me it was a small matter and I shouldn’t get so worked up over it. Segregating aspects of security and services like VoIP and VPN from basic connectivity won’t be fair. Well, I didn’t stop worrying about it, but I learned never to tell my Dad about my problems after that.

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