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ShareThisGrowing up in the 1970s, I've long had a fondness for cabooses, especially the MP short bay window design. The first arrival, tied down on the Bluffs RIP track in the same spot as the first prototype pic above.
It should be noted that the IAIS has an operational caboose, 9431, an ex-ATSF example that's spent nearly its whole IAIS life in Chicago-area transfer service. There is a second MP caboose in Claremore on the farm belonging to Jim Senese of Kansas City Terminal layout fame. Good morning folks, By way of introduction I like to build models and would like to incorporate those into a working trackplan. I now would like to have a simple but yet well thought out HO trackplan for a logging to waterfront layout. My Design contest is still open but I expect to pick a winner sometime in April, I will close the entrys as soon as I get my flooring done in the layout room.
It is a serious amount of work to develop a quality track plan for a space larger than a small shelf layout.
I figured I would work with whoever had the inclination to help, to fine tune a plan and not take up forum space until we had some idea(s). Thank you for your input to date maybe someone will be real into the Xtrcad system or 3dplan it and would care to work out the plan with me.
Russ, the room has 2 windows and a door on the right hand side which the plan will not encompass.

The whole process is a lot like parenting, probably you do not want in the end to farm it out. My one comment on the layout sketch is that the elevated curve coming out of the waterside loop will be too tight a diameter.
This site does not host any of the howtos or images, and rather link to pages accross the web.
Learning to draw is a great activity that encourages the creativity of children as well as adults. I draw the new ramps in Win Track, the dotted ones in the previous image.With this new configuration it is possible to drive from the shadow station to shadow station and from shadow station to head station directly and from head station to head station and from head station to shadows station via some rounds over the main track etc. They have a garden chair sitting on the platform which the brakeman relaxes in when being pulled. Sometimes just flipping (left to right or upside down) a trackplan or part of it will suddenly open a whole world of new possibilities.
If I am REALLY happy then I would make really simple representations of major proposed buildings and other features to help me visualize possible blunders. Anyone can improve their drawing skills by following simple free step by step drawing online tutorials.
Can be automated.You see a lot of long freight trains in 2, 3 even 4 engines pulling the load.
It is a site often speculated on by the locals when he is spotted by someone on the Broken Arrrow Expressway where the UP is in the median strip.

I had no idea how to design a layout even though I have been in the hobby over 30 years.Suffice it to say I dropped that idea. Start by learning the basic concepts of drawing and improve your drawing technic as you go along. I have spent the last year building my train room and am almost ready to start building the layout. If you can imagine a boundary line running from the upper edge moulding to the left window's rear trim this would be the space available. The nice thing about it is I can run a Train simulation over the layout designs to see how it works.XtrkCad is free open source software so that is an option for you. I have put up several Youtube videos on how to use Xtrkcad.There is a files area with many layout designs that you can download.
I did find you can open two applications of XtrkCad and copy and paste from one layout to the other.

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