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I Love Toy Trains was a video made by Tom McComas of TM Books and Video for his son, Jeff, who later started narrating the series. Old McDonald Had A Farm, Old McDonald Had A Train, I've Been Working On The Railroad, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star were in the video, but sung by children. Here are Parts 4-6 of the popular series with the award-winning music of Jim Coffey and filled with great train action with some hilarious toy train bloopers thrown in for fun.

More spectacular special effects than ever seen in a train video before-flying saucers, UFO’s, jet airplanes, jet trains, aliens, ghosts and goblins and your favorite candies being loaded and unloaded on Lionel accessories at the Big Rock Candy Mountain.
Toy Train Show for a new generation with more spectacular special effects than ever seen in a train video. See the world’s largest G-scale outdoor layout, a giant Lego layout plus six new songs by James Coffey.

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