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Any unauthourised duplication of this site is strictly prohibited and liable to prosecution. Tomato, rose, cherry, fire engine, ruby, chilli pepper, blood, crimson, strawberry, coral, poppy, cardinal, brick, raspberry, flame, carmine, rust, scarlet, burgundy, vermillion, persimmon, maroon. Games pieces: Various counters and dice, a Rummy number 7, a Mastermind peg, a tiddlywinks wink, a carrom puck, a battleship and a biplane. Vintage buttons, a crochet hook, a 1950s (or maybe ’80s?) buckle, and a spool of thread.
A handmade book from Udaipur, Rajasthan which my mother kept as a diary in 1990 during the 8 months my family and I spent in India; an old book about the artist Albrecht Durer, a small Japanese notebook covered in washi paper, coloured pencils and a letter A. Links to my posts are very much appreciated, but please don't use any of my content or images without permission. The rajputana Sheraton at Jaipur and the Jaypee Palace were excellent but The Park in Delhi, wasn't in the same level, the public spaces like corridor were dirty.
This train runs between New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling and counts among the most wonderful journeys of the world. The proposal to lay down a train line between Siliguri and Darjeeling was put up by one Franklin Prestage. Just after the introduction of railways in India, there was a proposal to build a rail line up to it. The Barog railway station is somewhat special as the train stops here for about 15 minutes to enable the passengers to have some refreshments from the restaurant here which is regarded as the best of any hill station in India.

The journey that you undertake through this train is truly amazing as it is not only the distance that you cover but also the altitude that you gain that takes your breath away.
The reason for building this track was that it was very difficult to reach Udhagmandalam (now known as Ooty).
The journey commences at Mettupalayam, passes through the plain areas only for about five miles and then goes up to Ooty. Matheran is an incomparable hill station and is easily accessible from Mumbai as it is only 108 km away from Mumbai. The Toy train at Matheran starts its journey from Neral on the Mumbai Pune line and ends at Matheran. Although the journey takes only 90 minutes, yet the visual delights that it offers along the way are tremendous and beyond comparison. Neral - Hardal Hill - Jammapatti Station - Bhekra Station - Mount Barry - Panorama Point - Simpson Point - Matheran Bazaar. Please mention your other travel requirements related to catering, accomodation and lifestyle needs. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to know about exclusive new products, special events and updates! Although the 83 km long journey takes about nine hours to reach its destination, the wait is worth it as the magnificent views of landscapes that you get to savour are truly enchanting. The earlier train was very different from the one that runs today as it was only a four wheeled trolley covered with canvas.

After the proposal for the railway line was submitted, intense discussions followed and then an adhesion line was preferred to the rack system.
To climb up, it uses Alternate Biting System which is also called the rack and the pinion system. The landscapes visible from Matheran are exceptional and the air, pollution free as the place is a vehicle free zone. Come Hardar hills and the ascent begins but the real treat comes at the Jamnapatti station where the track and the road run together for some distance and get separated after a while. Although the idea began to take shape in 1854 itself, it took another 40 years to begin work on it. He obtained permission from his father and based himself at Neral and started working on the project from there. The coaches of Shimla Toy Train are very well appointed with wall to wall carpeting as well as glass windows that enhance the overall appearance of the toy train. First, a Swiss inventor Riggenback started work on it and built the line up to Conoor by 1899. The attractions to watch out for en route are the Panorama point and Simpson Tank after which the train reaches its destination, Matheran.

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