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Studies, engineering and assistance for the implementation of a bus network operations assistance system.
The Laval Transit Authority (Societe de transport de Laval) retained Dessau’s services to assist with the implementation of an operations assistance system that would make network operations more efficient and improve customer service.
The technologies deployed under these ITS projects will enable DPW staff to monitor and control traffic signal operations from a remote location on a real time basis. Traffic congestion along several major routes in Johnson City, Tennessee was becoming a problem as the city experienced tremendous growth. By implementing the strategies within the master plan, Johnson City is better prepared to effectively manage their transportation system, reduce traffic congestion and better accommodate the growing community.
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ITS is gaining increasing recognition across the UK for its ability to help reduce traffic congestion. The system offers a method of measuring volumes of traffic and other associated data, which is then relayed through messages to drivers, so that they can make informed decisions about alternative routes and other useful information. Paul Brickman, of MTS, which has its headquarters in Lingfield, Surrey, said: “Intelligent Transportation Systems are instrumental to the smooth running of UK roads, but setting up the data-capturing equipment and linking the information received to variable message signs, can be a costly and time-consuming exercise. The MTS system includes T-25 portable Automatic Number Plate (ANPR) camera stations, which provide an autonomous solar platform for use anywhere across a road network. The system operates night and day without the need for human intervention or programming; all the time providing the travelling public with reliable journey time information. National supplier MTS, along with its sister company, the road traffic sign supplier and distributor Rennicks UK, is part of the Rennicks Group. For advice on Temporary Intelligent Transportation Systems please  call MTS on 01342 836485 or click here to see our range of products. Dessau’s multidisciplinary teams participated in the design, project management, procurement support and supervision of works to upgrade the onboard telecommunications system. The benefits of these systems include automated vehicle location, computer-assisted dispatching, real-time schedule adherence monitoring, management of voice and text-based communications, real-time communication with clients and the analysis and processing of operational data. Staff will receive immediate notification of signal malfunctions resulting in more efficient maintenance responses.
Physically expanding the roadways was not a cost-effective or environmentally friendly option, so City officials looked to technology to improve the safety and efficiency of its transportation network. These tools provided Johnson City officials a path to prioritize and phase the development of their ITS with an understanding of the components necessary to achieve a fully operational and integrated transportation system.

For more than 45 years, GS&P has focused on enhancing quality of life and sustainability within our communities. A cookie is a piece of information that is stored on your computer's hard drive by your Web browser. The T-25 camera stations communicate with the remote journey time server and in turn automatically send messages to MTS’s range of EN12966-1:2005 compliant portable Variable Message Signs (mVMS). MTS specialises in fully-compliant and portable VMS signs and state-of-the-art traffic or crowd management equipment to hire or buy. These three things are very important and crucial to be taken care in order to create a safety and effective transportation system.
Using roadway sensors and closed circuit television cameras to monitor traffic conditions, staff will be able to better manage congestion caused by incidents and special events. Additionally, the business plan provided a single, comprehensive and manageable approach and strategy for ongoing funding, operation, maintenance and replacement of the ITS over time. GS&P consists of industry-leading professionals practicing architecture and engineering design as well as scientists and highly specialized strategic and management consultants in Aviation, Corporate and Urban Design, Environmental Services, Federal, Healthcare, Industrial, Land Planning, Transportation and Water Resources.
These ITS technologies also include providing motorists with both pre-trip and en route information on roadway traffic conditions through devices such as cell phones, Changeable Message Signs, and the Internet. All of these functions are coordinated through the County of Los Angeles Traffic Management Center (TMC) at DPW's Headquarters in Alhambra, California.

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