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One definate thing about building this layout was that I finally became pretty good at measuring and thinking in metrics, primarily millimeters and centimeters. I took a quick shot as seen below of my downsized Pearl Valley Railroad in O gauge that I mentioned and threw the photo in here. Overview of the harbor with Mount Fuji in the background and the Tokyo International Forum building. Ginza shopping district is a busy place with commuter trains and high speed Shinkansen trains running on the elevated track. I have only small projects to complete over time with one being to actually populate the place with people. I generally don't show off my model railroads as I don't have any model railroad friends but I enjoy looking at other peoples work and get inspiration from their photos.

The Model train shop in Osaka that I bought most things from did a great job of providing good pictures and measurement dimensions of their products. One year ago I shut down my O gauge Pearl Valley Railroad and sold off half of my O gauge items. This was the first time for me to have any model building represented on a layout higher than 4 scale stories.
I was able to pretty much figure out where things would go and how they would fit without actually being in person to buy them. I will eventually finish the outside woodwork and building it's own leg support system is on the to do list as the layout sits on an old wooden desk.
Of course there was alway some changes in plan and moving some buildings around to see how they would fit with each other.

I call it more of a switching diorama more than a layout as it's very limited in operation This is mounted on the mantle above my fireplace in our family room.
That's why I couldn't substitute models of American buildings and just slap Japanese signs on them.
My local Train shop only carries a spattering of Japanese related model railroad products so Japan was the best place to turrn to obviously.

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