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Aside from some of those artists who can crank out piles of Manga comics, I doubt anyone will ever come close to the quantity and quality of Jack’s solo run. Apparently, the 1972 English version of the story used the word as a synonym for something firefighters extinguish, and it was inadvertently and inappropriately left in the German version, according to the publisher.
Where are those letters columns designed to turn fans into a torch-bearing, pitchfork-wielding mob intent on storming the House of Ideas and demanding Kirby be fired?
Tony Hunt: Attack seems to be the best form of defence, and your comments sure are defensive. Here’s a comment Patrick Ford just posted on tme Museum Facebook page that addresses the rumors about the letters columns.
I was going to run this tomorrow, but I figure it’s better just to hash this out now, talk about if for maybe a day or two more, then move on.
First of all, to all the writers who have sent in guest articles and other various pieces of art and commentary I promised to post soon, my apologies because I’m going to have to push all that stuff back again. First, a couple things, in our private emails, I tried to clearly tell Scott that the stories I heard about Marvel staffers badmouthing Jack, and planting stories in the letters pages that painted Jack in a negative light were rumors. Scott Edelman: (Steibel) claimed that Marvel staffers were weighting the letters columns against Kirby in an attempt to orchestrate a campaign within fandom to get The King kicked off the books he was writing at the time. Here’s what I wrote, and again, this was a private email, I didn’t “claim” these rumors were facts in a public forum, but it’s no biggie, it’s not like I said anything that was top secret. Scott Edeman: I’d never heard such an accusation before, but when I searched online, I found that he didn’t originate the concept, that it had been comics hearsay for quite awhile, and that some even claimed staffers were creating fraudulent letters to make the Kirby backlash seem even worse. A personal aside: I had almost zero in involvement in comics, I basically got some books off the spinner rack at the local 7-11 in the 70s.
Since about 2000 when I started to study Jack, I know I’ve heard this “Jack the Hack” rumor a hundred times. Regardless of whether the fan letters were fake or not, don’t you think painting Jack in a negative light as a writer in the letters columns may have influenced the negative reaction to Jack’s work in fandom, and this may have opened up the door for some of you wanna-be writers to walk through and become writers yourselves? So … if you do have copies of those comics I mentioned above, and would like to help tickle my memory by putting copies of the letters columns from those issues in front of me, I’d greatly appreciate it.
Oy vey, next thing you know Scott is going to be saying “talk to the hand.” Nobody is “dissing” you, Scott. Let’s say Stan Lee was writing Captain America and he was right across the room from you in his office.
That being said, I’ve never read any of those letters pages so I personally don’t know if they were positive or negative.
So to Scott: not only do I question your so-called ethical obligation you felt to run negative letters in a comic book from a business standpoint, I also wonder if you would have felt the same ethical obligation if Stan Lee was the writer and he had been sitting next to you breathing over your shoulder when you selected the letters to run in a book he dialogued. So again, before I wrap up this post, I’d love to ask you: why don’t you take a moment to tell us about your associates, your fellow Marvel staffers, did they also have similar negative feelings about Jack’s work, did they also express these feelings as you did verbally, and did they also feel an ethical obligation to post letters from fans that were critical of Jack? Here’s an email from Kirby historian Kenn Thomas on our conversation with former Marvel associate editor, Scott Edelman. I have no reason not to believe that Edelmen was, as he says, more incompetent than conspiratorial. It’s a pity that Kirby had to deal with small minded folk from top (Lee) to bottom (Edelmen). And that last garble about Kirby inventing his childhood so he forgave him for the inferior later work.
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Sure, anyone can use a trusted confidante to proofread their work and give them constructive criticism, but Stan Lee put Jack in a position where Jack felt he had to prove he could do it alone (and don’t forget folks like Mark Evanier and Steve Sherman let him bounce ideas off of them in the early 1970s, and I have examined a lot of late 70s Kirby originals where I do see changes in the text that were done in NYC by Marvel editors and proofreaders, so there were other hands working on that material).
I mean, can you imagine the horror of Lee doing his “Forsooth verily methinks” Thor babble for New Gods? He says that people sent anonymous letters on Marvel stationary to Kirby’s home saying he should retire.
Otherwise, all they’re doing is maligning folks like me who were doing their best to let readers have their say.
I think the subject of how Jack was treated by his fellow Marvel employees during the 1970s, and the topic of Jack’s prose, are two really interesting subjects so I want to spend a little time on them especially since we have Scott Edelman, a person who was there at the time, who is willing to discuss this with us. For example, Jordan Raphael and Tom Spurgeon reported on this in their 2003 biography, Stan Lee and the Rise and Fall of the American Comic Book. I printed plenty of negative letters in the Captain Marvel columns when I was writing the book, because I’ve always believed all opinions should get fair representation, even when they diss me. You think you would have posted a lot of negative letters criticizing Lee in the letters pages of one one his comic books because you “believed all opinions should get fair representation?” Seriously, give that one some thought.
On a 1 to 10 scale, when I was 10-years-old my interest in what some comic book fan has to say about Jack’s comics was a zero. You may have had the best intentions, but clearly your first person account suggests there does seem to be some truth in those rumors. I simply think if you like the art and the stories, and the power and meaning he brought to them – then you also have to take his faults as well. We buy items as close to Mint condition as possible and many will be unplayed and as close to new as you could hope to find. A dupla lanca seu primeiro album em , intitulado "Whole Oates". Ao longo de sua carreira a dupla lancou um total de albuns, entre albuns de estudio, coletaneas e albuns ao vivo.
I just watched Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same film for the first time on Palladia yesterday. There are some lame camera angles, a lot of the non-concert footage is boring, Jimmy Page’s solos go on way to long and some of them are sloppy, but there are incredible moments in that film. They were mobilized during World War II to issue anti-Nazi messages, and Donald achieved the rank of sergeant for his wartime work, reports Der Spiegel.
I doubt someone is going to raise their hand, and come right out and say, “I wanted to get Jack fired as a writer. In a perfect world Jack would have been retired, sitting by the beach spending time with his family, but the guy had to keep working to put food on the table, so I appreciate the hard work he put into those books If you don’t like Jack’s 70s text?
In fact, as someone working there as some kind of editor, he should most definitely should have an opinion.
Some editors scrawled derisive comments on copies of Kirby’s pages and pasted them on their office doors.
I remember one where I entered a comics art contest and Chris Claremont was a judge and I won some John Buscema pencil roughs. The rumor I’ve heard is that somebody at Marvel during that period (no one said it was you) posted negative mails in the letters columns in order to paint Jack in a negative light.
You personally did post negative emails in Marvel columns because apparently you felt an ethical obligation to print mails that were critical.
And do you think Smilin’ Stan would have approved of you running negative letters that criticized him because of your “beliefs?” Isn’t it possible that because Jack was in California, and you didn’t have to see him every day and work beside him, and as you’ve admitted you felt utter contempt for his prose, maybe that made it a little easier for you to embrace your letters page philosophy where  maybe you felt printing letters criticizing Jack was your ethical obligation?

Edelmen has a long way to go to find any real humility or to say something meaningful about Kirby’s work in the 70s. Irrespective of the source, all of our collectables meet our strict grading and are 100% guaranteed. A dupla tambem foi responsavel pelo lancamento de varios hits de sucesso, entre eles, "Private Eyes", "One On One", "Kiss On My List", e muitos outros. Participacoes de: Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, The Plastic Ono Band (com Eric Clapton, Klaus Voorman, Alan White, John Lennon, Yoko Ono). O envio para todo o Brasil e por carta registrada ao custo de R$ Qualquer duvida nao deixe de perguntar. All the comic books have been recalled, and will be reissued with the H word blacked out by hand.
Theakston also talks about the stacked letters pages and that Jim Shooter demanded dialogue changes, something that NEVER happened at DC.
We’re just geeks on the internet discussing rumors and discussing first person recollections of what took place at Marvel comics in the 1970s. Getting that animation gig was probably the best thing that could have happened to Jack other than Martin Goodman giving Jack the royalties he promised him. If he thought that the dialogue was poor, it was his duty to say so, and to try to get an improvement, regardless of who had written it. That’s one of the reasons I don’t think I have ever discussed this topic on Kirby Dynamics, and it’s the reason I mentioned this to Scott in a private email.
To my Kirby Dynamics readers, please if anyone out there can send them to me or send scans of the letters pages Scott worked on to him, please help us out. So maybe you did post negative mails about Jack because of this ethical obligation you felt. Positive letters probably would have reinforced the positive things I saw in the books, that’s how the human mind works. But Lennon’s solo stuff still moves me because of the man behind the music and the circumstances the music was produced in. Do I care that Scott is paraphrasing something I emailed to him privately and he’s twisting what I said all around?
I heard that Jack sucked so bad, even the people who worked with him at Marvel hated what he was doing. You don’t think even unconsciously you guys might have been trying to climb the ladder a little by criticizing Jack? For years having Stan Lee sometimes miss the real point of the dialogue or plot points Kirby was giving him, I think the subject of Jack’s writing, or perceived faults, is a touchy subject.
It would not surprise me if one day we discover that Kirby read the writings of Mae Brussell, the conspiracy maven who also lived in Kirby’s home state.
Issues of TJKC are filled with examples, the original Galactus trilogy being the most egregious example. The lesson here is that he should have kept his worthless opinions to himself instead of contributing whatever he did to undermining Kirby at that time. Informo Ainda que o valor descrito neste anuncio e referente ao valor unitario de cada CD e que posso avaliar propostas feitas, mas nao estou interessado em trocas. His own co-workers had turned on him — that was the level of contempt they felt for his work. There was never any, “I could write better dialogue than Jack if given the chance” comments from you folks? I just think there has to be a middle-ground between dismissing Kirby’s writing, and praising his art. I’d guess it would take maybe an hour or so to proofread one of Jack’s books, so what else would an associate editor do for the rest of the day? And you have a photographic memory so you remember every single conversation you had in the 1970s, so you are positive you never said anything negative about Jack that could have been overheard and picked up by fandom?
And Lee had burned him big-time so Jack couldn’t take a chance on trusting another collaborator.

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