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Go behind-the-scenes of TV's longest-running, most-watched history series, and get to know the filmmakers, producers, historians, and series staff that make history come alive. As someone enamored with the fun, carnival-like atmosphere that is American media (dueling headlines from the New York Post and the New York Times are a perennial favorite), the choice of my first comparison piece between historical media accounts and the present day historical opinion was obvious to me.
Just a few weeks later though, America marched across Spain’s crumbling Empire and claimed victory. So what can be gleaned from our look at the actual events of 1898 as compared to the narrative recorded in contemporary accounts?
It was interesting to see what I remembered about the historical account compared to what actually was written down.
New York newspaper hires guards to protect offices amid uproar over pistol permit map: report The Journal News hired security guards to watch over its Rockland County offices after receiving hundreds of angry calls and emails over a map showing the names and addresses of pistol permit holders in Rockland and Westchester Counties. Armed guards are protecting the offices of a New York newspaper after it received threats for publishing a map showing the names and addresses of pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties. The security guards will stand watch outside the Journal News' Rockland County office through at least Wednesday, the Rockland Times newspaper reported.

Journal News editor Caryn McBride reported the flood of angry emails and calls to Clarkstown Police, but cops didn't find anything that suggested a real threat, according to a police report obtained by the Times.
The paper has defended the gun map, which it created using information obtained from the county clerks' offices through a Freedom of Information Act request. Putnam County officials have moved to block the newspaper from getting that information, the newspaper reported. A name, residential address, and (preferably residential) telephone number is required from readers who comment on ODT Online. When considering the moments in American history where the media narrative arguably changed the course of history, the sinking of the battleship USS Maine in 1898 leapt to mind. For one, I think most people choose to remember the sensational journalism—the controversy over the sinking of the Maine. Especially fun was rediscovering the old tricks of attention-grabbing headlines (particularly the ones that take up long swaths of the front pages of papers).
But, after some prodding around the Google News Archive, I was surprised to discover that another, far less sensational New York Times report on the event had also been sent across the international news wires along with an incredibly detailed account of the sinking of the Maine.

How did the calm resolve of more sensible explanations of the disaster lose out to the sensationalist newspapers and politicians calling for the “freedom” of the Cuban people from the treacherous Spanish? It seems that the popular newspapers at the time were in favor of blaming the Maine explosion on the Spanish and for that reason, going to war.
Despite historians begging us to think otherwise, we remember the headlines but not the whole story, never mind a 1975 investigation by retired Navy Admiral Hyman G. Both wars seemed to have begun on the insistence powerful political players and frantic media coverage. Sharpshooter Annie Oakley, apparently struck with patriotism, even volunteered her services to President McKinley in the effort against the Spanish.
The newspapers’ influence was heightened by the outrage of some politicians after congressional testimony from Captain Sigsbee, who assured the politicians and reporters gathered that the blast had come from outside the ship.

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