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It featured a wider track that had stiffer suspension, new sixteen inch alloy wheels, and a sportier body kit.
In the year 2005, all of the Ford Ka models a€“ including the Ford Street Ka and the Ford Sport Ka a€“ received interior face lifts. At that point, the Street Ka and Sport Ka models each received new eight valve Duratec petrol Configurations that had 95 horsepower. The Ford Sport Ka became known for its infamous advertising campaign, wherein it was presented as the a€?Evil Twina€? of the Ford Ka. WE DELIVER COUNTRYWIDE, SERVICE THE WHOLE OF THE GAUTENG REGION AND WE ARE BASED JUST 40 MIN FROM JHB.

Alongside the Street Ka, the Ford Sport Ka came with a wider bumper on the front and rear along with integral fog lamps. This brought the cabin on the vehicles up to date, while still retaining the look and feel of the original vehicles. Used Cars For Sale and Pink Cars would like to remind you, Always check the service history of your pink car before buying!! Whether you are lucky enough to have a brand new sparkling pink porsche or you daydream at lunchtime of spraying your beloved car pink, you have reached the right place. Might be a good idea, as well as a great way to find a used or new pinkcar, we also do lots of research into the best car insurance for ladies, the best way for you to get your “normal” car spraypainted pink, you will probably also like our community galleries, you lot have been fantastic in showing us your pink rides!

Lots of Ladies join us every week on facebook, whether its checking out handbag cover on insurance or sharing stories, its a great place to relax! You guys have been great in joining in, so you can enjoy pictures of some of your finest pink chariots in the land (thanks for submitting photos!!) or read our latest articles, journals on pink motoring – just for you.

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