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Got up early in the morning and after a nice breakfast, called up the front desk and told them to arrange a taxi to the train station. Thankfully the taxi was waiting just at the end of the downhill walk and soon we were on our way to the Shimla railway station. While booking our tickets online, we had chosen AC Chair Car and gotten the tickets, however this train did not have even a single AC coach.
Here is another short video of our train arriving at a train station, with another toy train waiting for us to pass, since the whole track is single lane, except the stations and hence trains have to wait for each other to pass.
While waiting for signal, it was time for a bit of photography, with couple of interesting subjects in the train across us. Once the camera was out, there was no way I could put it back, not with the lovely scenery and fantastic journey we were having. A toy train engine waiting for us to pass and heading alone to the Shimla railway station (I think our train engine looks better, don't you?). I was happy with the journey, despite having uncomfortable seats, that was until I saw the Shivalik Express! Almost every one in our coach stood up and watched in awe and then started cursing the Himalayan Queen and ourselves or travel agent in a few cases, for not having booked seats in such a comfortable train! Narrow hilly route, covered on all side with greenery and tunnels camouflaged with tree canopies giving a impression of solitude, running parallel to one of the busiest and most commercial highways in Himachal Pradesh.

While no camera, however sophisticated, could capture what I was feeling at that moment, I made a faint attempt to capture at least a part of the emotion, I was experiencing and enjoying. As we drew closer to Kalka, our journey became even more twisted , with the train having to rapidly loose altitude, in order to reach a city, located 1640ft below us. By 4 o'clock our journey was all but over and it was time to bid farewell to mountains and our little train, and head towards her bigger sister, Kalka - Delhi Himalayan Queen. Kalka - Delhi journey was uneventful and even boring enough for me to have doze off for an hour or so, but thankfully we managed to reach on time in Delhi and after a short auto rickshaw ride, we were back home, having been away for a little over 52 hours. Although I love steam engines, I wouldn't want to ride one on this route, in the long tunnels even the diesel engine was giving me a headache, can't imagine how it would be with steam ones! It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Once we got off at the station, 150 bucks lighter,we walked a short distance to reach the platform and saw a train waiting.
I guess even the government rips people off in Shimla, no wonder the touts and taxi drivers behave in the manner they do! To make matters worse, at least 3-4 of these Shivalik Expresses, passed us during our journey and almost each time, elicited sighs and envy.
With each passing moment, I was becoming more and more envious of our train, for it was passing through a route, I would kill to ride on!

Here is a small video clip, capturing one such attempt at loosing the altitude, the track you see in the beginning of the video, is the one we travel on, seconds later.
Having spent 6 thousand rupees and gained a lifetime of memories, with a grin on my face, knowing someday, I'll be heading back to that tourist trap concrete jungle, for a much longer trip! We took one between Ooty and Wellington a couple of years ago and the ride was worth remembering.
I love old buildings and architecture, they always make such interesting and lovely subjects. At the end of the day the problem lies with people, they first feed the monkeys few grams of parsad and then complain when they become aggressive, wanting to fill up their stomachs. Since we had arrived a bit early, we thought that our train would most likely come after it, but got a shock of our life when we saw Himalayan Queen written on it! Our turned out to be the second last coach with large window, cursed the railway for not providing proper information, and it turned out, we were not alone! We saw a couple of steam engines at Wellington and I was overjoyed at seeing those relics still in action!

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