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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. GS-4 #4449 and U30C #1776 Make up two of the specially painted locomotives that were decorated specially for the United States' 200th birthday in 1976. Pre-Production painted sample of our upcoming Black GS-4 with "Southern Pacific Lines" lettering alongside Daylight color locomotive #4449. Pre-Production painted sample of our upcoming Black GS-4 with "Southern Pacific Lines" lettering moving freight.
Pre-Production painted sample of our upcoming Black GS-4 with "Southern Pacific Lines" lettering. The N scale GS-4 has a functioning (simulated) Mars light as well as a directional headlight, perfect for keeping your N scale figures aware and off the tracks at night! In addition to the standard illuminated locomotive number boards which bear the identification of the engine, the GS-4 had train number boards that would identify whether the train was northbound or southbound (or if the GS-4 was performing extra duty services, in which case it would bear an X and then its locomotive number on the board.) Each Kato GS-4 includes replacement boards so you can pick the appropriate train number, or if you want your GS-4 to be performing non-standard passenger service. The N scale GS-4 features a fully detailed cabin interior, accurately modeled off the real world locomotive and with plenty of space for N scale figurines. The GG1, one of the PRR's most famous and recognizable locomotives, is also one of the most curiously designed. Amtrak and Penn Central: Thanks to the long life and usefulness of the GG1, many outlived the PRR, finding themselves in Penn Central - and later in their life, Amtrak - paint. UNITRACK moves into the city, with Dio-town compatible street plates and embedded road track perfect for trams and streetcars.
Long desired by modelers looking to create urban and city type environments in which to operate their trains (be it for inner city trams or to replicate heavier weight train lines that allow freight and commuter lines to run through city centers), UNITRAM offers a versatile street track system that integrates with the included road places to create the illusion of a proper city environment. Using both standard Unijoiners and variable track spacing on both straights (25mm) and in curves (33mm - standard double track width), it is possible to connect UNITRAM street tracks to both Kato UNITRACK single or Concrete-tie double tracks, allowing easy integration into existing layouts.
The track itself combines with street plates that use DIO-TOWN type connectors (Seen left, click for a larger image), allowing them to connect to other available street plates in the Kato UNITRACK product line. The Basic V50 (seen to the right, click the image for a larger view) can be used both independently as a compact city within your layout (the central area is designed to fit a number of Kato Dio-town buildings, or can be linked to a double track or multiple single track UNITRACK layouts thanks to the connection methods mentioned above. UNITRAM is available both individually as well in a variety of packaged sets with Left-handed (Japanese style) street printing. To download the English language instruction manual for the V50 and UNITRAM track system, CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE to download a package scan with instructions for how to set up the UNITRAM turnouts. UNITRAM Accessory kit - includes fences, street lights, traffic signals, and plate joiners. N Gauge Unitrack EP481-15R, Kato Precision Railroad Models, Japan & Usa, N scale Unitrack Model Railway track system points with point motors. During World War II, GS-4's would be used for both passenger and freight service depending on what was needed at the time. Technically two locomotives under one shell (a "G" class locomotive is a 4-6-0 by PRR specification, therefore the GG1 was two "G" locomotives in a 4-6-0:0-6-4 arrangement). These locomotives were used in everything from freight service to pulling Amtrak Passenger trains. Use of these plates is optional for those modelers who wish to use their own scenery and cityscapes with Kato UNITRAM track. Additionally, other sets of UNITRAM pieces can be used to create larger and more elaborate street track setups. No detail has been spared in bringing the GS-4's tender to life, as it were, even down to sculpted wood paneling on the roof.
This added up to a 4.6k horsepower locomotive that was staggeringly powerful, even by today's standards. All of the information that you need can be found below, and you can contact your local hobby store to confirm availability.
The selector screws on underside of point allow you to direct power to the track that your locomotive is working on. Designed in the 20's, built in 30's, and not retired until the 80's, the GG1 had an incredible lifespan (even when they were cut in two and run as GG?'s) and survives today as a testament to its time in both its unique Loewy-design and overwhelming performance. The Kato Unitrack point motors work on a 2 wire 12 volts DC voltage and need a Point Switch to work properly, the cable and plug for this are supplied with the points. All Unitrack points can be operated manually by using the switch in the ballast next to the blades. The Kato Unitrack 9mm N scale track with integral ballasted roadbed is a unique rail system from Japan oozing with quality and stability. Made from robust materials and boasting Nickel-Silver rails, the N scale Unitrack from Kato precision railroad models, is designed in such a way it can be used with other brands of N gauge railway track.

Points and Crossings are already pre wired with point motors installed concealed in roadbed, so all are operable at the flick of a switch, eliminating the need to mount point motors under the table, which are hard to install and adjust.
Kato Precision Railroad Models, Sekisui Kinzoku Co Ltd, is a Japanese manufacturer of model railroad equipment.
Kato was established in 1957 & is based in Tokyo, Japan and in 1986 Kato USA was established. Kato manufactures models based on Japanese, North American prototypes & European high speed trains.
Kato's Unitrack modular track system takes very little time to put together whether permanent or temporary, always the same result, an almost instant sturdy operational model railway enabling you more time for modelling n scale scenery and buildings.
Having the Unitrack ballasted, with an integral roadbed, allows for the possibility to create scenic boards, as any of your chosen model railway displays will always be the same shape each time created, giving flexibility and choice along with easier storage if your creation has to be put away. Because the Kato Unitrack system is already ballasted it has great stability along with superior connectivity thanks to their Unijoiner concept. The Unijoiners allow sections to be snapped together quickly and securely, time and time again.
In a nut shell, no more faffing around with buckled warped rusty conventional track, soldering joints to avoid poor conductivity and hold the old track together. For stubborn spots, paint or glue on the rails it is recommended a soft rubberized abrasive eraser is used or a track cleaning car.
A constant use of abrasives is NOT recommended which also includes sandpaper, steel wool & cleaning pads, any liquid that is not compatible with plastic or is of a caustic chemical compound.
The Kato Unitrack precision model railway system is immense, with every conceivable railway layout catered for, including ground level concrete & Wood sleeper track sections, Risers, Viaducts, Bridges, Twin Rail, Banked Curves and much much more ! The Kato Unitrack model railway system is compatible with all other N gauge Usa, European and Japanese N scale locomotives and train rolling stock such as Fleischmann, Minitrix, Peco, Graham Farish and Dapol.

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