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This is something ground-breaking to your kids playing. As a kid, did you ever wonder how to make your own shooting gun has actual laser beam? This is another DIY method on how to assemble one on your own, a real, high-powered blue laser into a plastic Star Trek Phaser. There are two ways you can get the blue laser you’ll need for your phaser—you can buy one on the Internet for about $30, or you can salvage one from an old Blu-ray or HD DVD player. This topic recently came up during a conversation with a friend about making laser cut boxes. BoxMaker – Like MakerCase, a few less options in some areas, and some finer settings in other areas.
I also remembered this cool post on Make about different types of joinery that you can laser cut (or CNC). U flash Disk Supported: Read files directly from U-flash disk, you can work even without PC!

Motorized up and down working table makes thicker material engraving and cutting more easy.
The front doors and side pass through doors open to allow large pieces of work to be put into the machine. Motorized Z table, autofocus sensor, and beam combiner with visible red laser pointer are included.
Applicable material: wood, bamboo, jade, acrylic, leather, garment, marble, ceramic, paper, glass, rubber and other nonmetal material.
Laser Make it – сучасний сервіс лазерного розкрою та креативного дизайну, який розташовано в Києві, Україна. If you opt for the scavenged laser, be forewarned: You’ll have to build your own driver circuit, a task that’s pretty easy by circuit-building standards, but not for someone who doesn’t know his way around a soldering iron. Adopting the hermetic detached CO2 laser tube with small or medium power helps clients to improve the precision and efficiency when making die board.

You could the laser beam is vertical and the position of the laser heads do not move in parallel way. Applicable Industry: advertisement, arts and crafts, toys, garments, mould, package and paper industry etc.
At the same time, lower the cost of a traditional die making machine with large laser wattage.
The auto focusing technology can't not be compared, from the working video you could see, the double laser heads are not fixed, they move according to the smooth level, they come closer and go further to match the concavo convex of the borad. If I could build laser guns I would be kidnapped by some secret overseas agency and forced to make super WMDs.

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