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Then came the scammers, who pose as owners, agents, brokers and otherwise legitimate businesses representing properties to online customers. In 2013, more than 10,000 people reported to the FBI real estate scams that totalled well over $18 million. The FBI warned about online property scams back in 2009, when it released a Consumer Alert about rental housing scams run by Nigerian syndicates. Six years later, people continue to pay deposits for rental or vacation properties via wire transfer, which seems to be the key for scammers.
Scams aren’t limited to sites that specialize in offering great deals for modest rentals. As one of the most renowned and iconic sports car brands in the world, Aston Martin epitomizes exclusivity with a culture of building cars that combine formidable performance with the prestige of a true luxury car. In the world of sports entertainment, no name is more prominent or recognizable than Hulk Hogan. If your bathroom tub and shower just don’t cut it anymore for end-of-the-day soaking and relaxation, you may want to consider creating an indoor spa. With so much to eat and so much to drink around the world, a person couldn't possibly do it all in one lifetime. The 2014 Peugeot Exalt concept car made its return to the spotlight at the 2014 Paris Motor Show in France after officially being unveiled earlier in the year at the Beijing Auto Show in China. I mean, there’s a lot of serious awesome that happened during this last trip (more on that soon), but I am really happy to be home. After just a week of traveling my world at home seemed to have changed and moved on without me. There’s always a lot of conversation around this topic of home and being grounded as it relates to travel blogging. During my time at TBEX I met a lot of really smart people from all walks of life, taking part in all forms of travel. For the record, no one, not one single person I met at TBEX, was rude in any way towards me or my lifestyle. There are those who are very vocal about what qualifies one to be traveler, and for them being nomadic is the true qualification of its legitimacy, especially because it applies to their own reality and lifestyle choices.
Being home is about bonding with my children and my friends outside of the travel blogging space.
There is something really inspiring and beautiful about the nomadic lifestyle, and I have great admiration for a lot of the travel bloggers who take it on.
But there is nothing wrong with being home, or having a home to come back to and admitting to as much is nothing to be insecure or ashamed of.
The bottom line is, some of us have to come back home because that’s the travel story that some of us are destined to tell.
Carol CainCarol is her happiest when on an adventure, either close to home or farther away. Content on Girl Gone Travel® by Carol Cain is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Over the last decade the vacation rental industry’s share of the lodging market rose from 8% to 20%, and online vacation rental bookings jumped from just 12% of the overall market in 2007 to 24% in 2012 (PhoCusWright). Industry observers wondered how long the hotel industry would sit on the sidelines as a spectator watching the rise of the vacation rental industry before making a cohesive attempt to derail its success.
In many markets, Airbnb and similar short-term online rental marketplaces are technically illegal, but lax enforcement of existing laws has allowed these entities to grow exponentially in size. Their increasing popularity, together with unclear regulatory structures, has prompted many local governments to examine new ways to tax and regulate these companies. Airbnb has led aggressive outreach programs in several cities, engaging local officials, agreeing to collect and pay some taxes, and pushing for favorable rewrites of local planning law. To counter these actions, AH&LA is working to drive the short-term rental company debates. Raising enforcement concerns regarding the lack of compliance by short-term online rental companies with areas including provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, safety, occupancy rules, and tax reporting. McSweeney added, “Regulations that create blanket limitations on short-term rentals unnecessarily inhibit local economies and the success of legitimate businesses like those of the members of VRMA.
Although taxation and legality have long been issues in the vacation rental space, Airbnb has recently pushed the envelope on these issues in New York, San Francisco and Portland. Steve Trover, president and CEO of All Star Vacation Homes which operates in Florida, California and Idaho, sees an opportunity to work with the AH&LA to create a fair competitive environment. Over the last 15 years, a few vacation rental industry leaders and organizations worked to proactively establish standards for professionally managed vacation rentals. Despite its intention, the campaign provides notable benefits for the professionally managed vacation rental industry. The campaign serves to provide additional education and awareness of the distinction between professionally managed and owner managed rentals, and helps to discourage owner managed vacation rentals from staying in the shadows, not paying taxes, disobeying government regulations, and harming the industry as a whole.
With increased awareness comes an increased need to work together as an industry, put health and safety guidelines in place, and join forces to further increase gains in lodging market share. If you are using the Chrome browser, you can right-click on the picture of the house in the ad and select "Search Google for this Image." You'll be taken to a Google Images results page, where you'll find out information that can include a guess as to its location along with any pages Google found that include matching images.
Reverse image searching can also be a useful tool in combatting catfishing, in which a potential paramour's profile picture may not be an honest representation of the person you're interacting with. John-Christian Moquette was born in Toronto, Canada to a Greek mother and a Dutch-Canadian father. My morning usually starts by putting together a brief report of the site activity from the last 24 hours. I love interacting and brainstorming with the team to find ways to improve the business, come up with innovative features to improve the user experience on the site, and identify creative marketing tactics that will help us access new clients. For a family reunion a few years ago, my family and I stayed in a beautiful villa outside of Florence. Have you rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, either through your work or your travels? On a recent trip to Bratislava, Slovakia, I was fortunate enough to spend a few hours in Vienna. If you would like to be interviewed on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us. 10 of the best places to stay in Europe this Spring : Why wait until Summer to get away this year? Miami News - Find Miami local news specially selected for you from top local media resources. Recently, the Travel Channel, the only television network devoted exclusively to travel entertainment, featured a piece on the World’s 21 Sexiest Beaches. In that list, South Beach made it in as the number 2 sexiest beach, just before Waikiki in Hawaii.
Use a Miami guide to point you in the direction of the best Miami attractions once you are there.
Tourism in Miami and Fort Lauderdale was not strong enough to get either of the two South Florida destinations onto the list of the Top 10 US Destinations being booked for 2009.
According to a survey conducted by travel leaders, both cities are competing to be ranked 11th.
Orlando holidays are still extremely popular among domestic and international travelers while tourism in Miami, despite a small hiccup, is still strongly booking for 2009. The internet is a very convenient invention but it also comes with nuisances such as fraud. Miami Beach vacation rentals ads are posted on free classified vacation rental websites such as craigslist, backpage or kijiji. The Better Business Bureau is a service that was created to help consumers get to know the companies they are doing business with.

One of the strongly recommended travel tips that all vacationers should do is search for relevant travel information before selecting a vacation rental company.
Miami Beach vacationers come to the magic city to relax and unwind in a friendly environment and take advantage of the variety of things to do in Miami. The last thing vacationers are looking for is a fight with an unscrupulous manager or homeowners.
The City of Miami Beach ordinance has been fighting the allowance of vacation rentals of single family homes for the past 8 years. The events were disturbing neighbors so the City of Miami Beach took drastic measures to put a stop to the nuisance. Owners and managers of a vacation rental house in Miami Beach have been severely limited in their ability to rent their homes.
City of Miami Beach inspectors have been on the lookout for violators of this legal interpretation that will soon be added to the city codes. Home owners in Miami Beach have received fines and have watched their homes get raided by police to enforce a misfit regulation for one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Nonetheless, vacationers should follow tips for travel and be careful when staying at a vacation rental. Some vacation rental property owners advertise on websites or magazines under the false indication that their vacation homes are located in Miami Beach when, in fact, they are in other neighborhoods of Miami. If the vacation villa is located in other areas of Miami such as North Miami Beach, Miami or North Miami, you can peacefully enjoy your stay. Rent a vacation rental in Miami Beach and eat at home when you are craving you favorite foods.
It is easy to find ingredients and foods such as Kosher foods, Hallal foods or vegetarian foods in Miami grocery stores, being that Miami is such a cosmopolitan city. Commission Chairman Joe Sanchez wants bike routes to be included in all street plans for here-on-out.
Meanwhile, the city is working with Miami Parking Authority to create 24 bike parking areas.
Don’t miss the opportunity of enjoying a bike-friendly city, ask your Miami hotel front-desk where you can locate bike rentals in Miami. The Miami Better Business Bureau allows you to access reports and travel information on a company that you intend to do business with. Property management firms and realtors have showcased online listings for years, and these types of offerings have long helped consumers find new places to rent, buy and vacation. These phony landlords are happy to do business via email and may even send you to a (phony) website that shows a property that really is too good to be true.
Her number one rule to avoid getting scammed is not to be deceived by beautiful photography. Over his 30+ year career in wrestling, Hogan has become one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world. You don’t have to live in a mansion to soak in a hot tub or enjoy a spa-like atmosphere to relax and recharge.
But there are the gems, whether popular or hidden, that should be on every adventurer's bucket list. I think the overall joy of being home hit me as I drove my kids to school yesterday morning, where I first really noticed how the leaves had changed during my absence and turned my quiet New Jersey neighborhood into a colorful fall wonderland. For some, the idea of being grounded creates a sense of anxiety as they wonder how not traveling will impact their writing or image (read Lola Akinmade’s TBEX presentation on how blogging from home can be a successful way to grow your brand when grounded).
It’s what keeps me conscious of what many have to take on before they can travel to any of the places I often write about and try to encourage them to visit. I know if I felt this way there are tons of readers who love to read about travel and love to travel that feel the same.
Once we can make that something to be proud of, maybe we can get closer to making travel media seem less exclusive, less foreign, more real and attainable for all.
If I spent time chatting with you, I genuinely liked you and was really interested in your stories.
However, since I first found you via twitter pics of food while nursing my son in the wee hours, I can't say I am surprised that you have once again tempted me with food. I'm at the point where I wanted to start writing about my travels and have been grappling with this very thing.
I had a near four-week stint between work trips to Charlotte and NYC in August for meetings, and I actually did not want to get on that plane to go to New York simply because I loved being back in a routine: in this case, going to the gym every afternoon, cooking dinner in the house I own yet never see with my husband each night, late night marathons of Scandal, cuddling my pup, reading a book for a change.
I love, love, love traveling (duh), but that feeling of walking into my home after a long stint away from it and the smell of my children during the prolonged welcome hug back are my very favorite things about it all.
We always think the grass is greener on the other side and so when given the chance we venture out in search of it. The Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals (VRHP) was formed in 1999 to put housekeeping standards and certifications in place to promote and maintain lodging safety and health among professional managed vacation rentals.
In addition, large software companies are providing user conferences aimed at education for professional vacation rental managers.
The AH&LA campaign serves to encourage vacation rental managers to proactively band together in their association(s) before they find themselves in a reactionary position. We are being attacked by homeowner groups in several districts of San Diego and we understand that the best approach is to work WITH them to curb the few bad apples that are giving vacation rentals a bad name with the neighbors here. Was the highlight of your summer discovering a pristine beach near your vacation rental or maybe taking in the amazing view from its rooftop terrace? Scroll through those photos on your camera or phone, find the one that best captures a highlight of your stay at a vacation rental, and share it with the world. We quickly discovered that such a trip requires much more advanced planning than we'd done; lodging was scarce. If the image shows up in other sources or in ads for different locations, the listing may not be entirely on the up-and-up. Navigate your way to the Google Images search page and click the camera icon in the search bar.
Geneva, Switzerland was home from a young age and provided the perfect base for jetting around the world. However it was not long before he got the entrepreneurial itch and left to set up his first company, Peritas International, a travel concierge company that offers yacht charters, jet charters and villa rentals. We are on a mission to deliver the best product on the market and our long-term aspirations for the business extend well beyond that of the platform. The hotel?s setting is idyllic, perched on a hilltop with panoramic views over the surrounding jungle. This detox clinic established and run by Henri Chenot is where the rich and famous go to cleanse, detox or even just lose some extra kilos. I was awestruck by the city?s beauty and would love to go back and spend a weekend seeing the sites and sounds.
South Beach ranked so highly thanks to its continuous energy, exciting nightlife and unique lifestyle. Europeans are taking advantage of the present strength of the Euro to get great deals for Miami hotels and Miami Beach vacation rentals. A large number of fraud attempts take place on the internet and have made their way into travel news.
Travel news has taught us that owners post ads on a daily basis to rent their vacation rentals or sometimes their alleged vacation rental. This does not mean that renters should not browse those websites but that they should just be extra careful and follow travel tips when booking. You may transfer money by wire transfer to a company if it can be checked out and if it has a track record of a reputable Miami Beach vacation rental agency. Consumers may file complaints against companies and the BBB compiles a report that gives the business a grade as good as A+ or below.

The current economic crisis may introduce more vacation rental scammers to the market and more negligent owners hoping to rent their property for incremental revenues. Most vacationers can do just that by making sure they following commonly stated travel tips.
Unfortunately, by the same token they have affected the entire industry of home vacation rentals in Miami Beach.
Always make sure to follow tips for travel and ask the Miami vacation rental agency if there are any restrictions or other travel information you should know.
Visitors can take advantage of the great Miami restaurants, Kosher Miami Beach Restaurants or Vegetarian Miami Beach restaurants. Get ready to get those dusty bikes out of your garage or rent a bike in Miami and start practicing. Vacationers looking for travel information or a vacation rental website should make sure that they ultimately rent from a legitimate and professional agency. The presence of a BBB logo on a vacation rental agency website indicates that it is genuine and professional. Scams originating from Nigeria are collectively known as 419 schemes.) Back then, the scams focused on vacation homes in Charleston, Columbia, and Hilton Head, South Carolina.
Novak uncovered numerous stories about people who lost thousands of dollars through scams run on Airbnb, which can only guarantee payments they process. It’s important that you have a robust; state-of-the-art security system and emergency plan in case any of your cars are stolen. It finally made my heart burst when I was in the kitchen prepping to bake apple pies I had long promised my family while in between trips, and while my 6-year-old read his favorite stories to me. For others, being still is often seen as a form of compliance to a life that is less fulfilling or worthy of merit. So much so that I eventually began to ask it myself, as it seemed like the thing to ask when conversing with travel bloggers.
Because of this, you would be hard pressed in finding a travel blogger who will admit that their next stop is home and not another incredible destination, as if being home was something to be ashamed of.
The routine of my everyday life is what makes me so incredibly grateful for the travel I do take on and what gives me a more rounded perspective into the reality of my readers, many of whom also have 9-5 jobs, families, mortgages, and grounded lives. Our office jobs, our routines, our children, and daily obligations are the choices we have made for ourselves and should never be reasons for ridicule. I consider myself passionate about travel and, compared to most people I know, I travel a lot.
Circumstances change, people change, and often times many find themselves in the same place where you are now, wondering what to do next.
And I've never felt insufficient or ashamed about it, but I have encountered a few experiences where going home is talked about like a dirty, undesirable thing. It's a really wonderful feeling when we come home and realize that our grass is pretty green too, maybe a different shade, but really just as nice. We are advocating self-regulation so we accomplish goals that everyone can live with and not have regulations rammed down the throats of our business that will choke us. With all hotels in the Crescent City at capacity, we searched for vacation rentals by owner. It opens a window where you can paste in the URL of an image from a suspicious ad you found online (in Firefox, right-click and Copy Image Location) or upload one yourself. While sourcing jets and yachts for his clients was relatively seamless and could be done efficiently and professionally, he became increasingly frustrated with the process for searching and sourcing legitimate holiday rentals. For instance if we see that there have been searches for a region that we could be covering better, we discuss a strategy to source these properties for our clients.
We want to establish IAVRA as the trade standard for holiday rentals internationally; organizing conferences and workshops so that the industry players have a place to share ideas and make decisions on how best to organize, regulate and make the most of offering rentals. The friendly atmosphere of this place as well as the price tag (the equivalent of 25 pence per night) meant that I stayed 7 nights!
Eating delicious Nobu black cod and rock shrimp tempura with one of the most spectacular views in Greece looking over the sea across the bay.
Despite the fact that you are on an organic vegetarian diet of just 500 calories per day, you are still served 3 course meals and rarely feel hungry.
Search South Beach vacation rentals or South Beach hotels within your budget and experience for yourself what makes this beach so special. In fact, some Miami Beach vacation rentals agencies provide bikes as a complementary service.
But the reactions I often got made me realize that for some travel bloggers this notion of home is a very foreign one to them and lacking a home base was a huge badge of honor. But my circumstances at the moment don't allow me to travel more than a few times a year. Sometimes I can do a short something while on the road, but it takes me a bit to really process it all. I've been trying to slow down my travel schedule because I feel so much more healthy when I can eat right (cook my own meals) and exercise daily. Its difficult and time consuming to work with homeowners who just want to see all vacation rentals banned but we have to put in the time and effort to work with them towards mutual goals.
After striking out on some of the more legitimate rental sites such as Airbnb, we answered a few ads on Craigslist, many of which seemed too good to be true. But rather than withdraw property rentals from Peritas? offering, he proposed developing a new business: a one-stop shop for travel professionals looking for city apartments, villas, chalets and holiday homes across the globe. Because we do not get involved in the actual rental transaction and contact is made directly between agents on the site, this is a great way for us to monitor our clients? activity and ensure that we are providing a product that services all of their rental needs.
I also work closely with the Marketing Team to find creative ways of engaging international markets and agents that may not already be working in the rental space.
I made some lifelong friends there and had some magical evenings under the stars chatting till the early morning eating the best banoffee pie I had ever had. Henri Chenot is very popular with footballers and during our stay Cristiano Ronaldo was there for his yearly treatment with his beautiful model girlfriend. After all, the majority of our guests are looking for a quiet and peaceful vacation experience, also.
After being repeatedly cautioned about this approach, we abandoned New Orleans for the Mississippi Delta, where cheap lodging, great music, cold beer, and delicious barbecue were all found in abundance. Another way to check up on travel information on a particular company is to type the name of the Miami Beach vacation rental company and a€?frauda€? in the browser.
I personally need that downtime and ability to step away to process my stories and deem what's worth sharing and from what perspective.
Had I known about using a reverse image search to combat Craigslist scams, we might have had the confidence to secure lodging in New Orleans via Craigslist.
The B2B platform currently has 3900+ properties across 49 countries and the portfolios continue to grow.
Add on to the fact that home is a suburb in New Jersey, and well, you would have to wonder what the hell I was doing there.
My beautiful children, the loving environment we have created, and the calm and warmth that I feel when I am here. When you're in it, it can sometimes be difficult to sort out your experiences and determine what is most useful to your reader.

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