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The new millennium saw the introduction of tech-savvy Lego bricks, made for the technology inclined Lego lovers.
In the course of cleaning up this weekend I found a few copies of the famous LEGO Train Poster. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This first period of the 4.5V and 12V trains, sometimes called the Blue Era because of the rails colour, lasted from 1966 till 1979.
The second era (1980 - 1990), also called Grey Era, is characterized by dark Grey ties (sleepers) and light grey rails. In 2009 the special edition engine Emerald Night was released which had lovely designed details like new steam train type wheels. In 2010 the change from the unpopular first RC system to the more efficient PF system was be completed with the introduction of the very first completely Power Functions based train sets. Sign up for price drop alerts and begin tracking this product by completing the form below.

Post world war 2, the company got its first plastic injection-molding machine and rolled out their first set of Lego bricks.
They had blue rails and white sleepers (standard 8 x 2 plates), and the locomotives used the standard 4-wheel drive LEGO 4.5V motor unit. In addition to this the world around the trains could be illuminated by some electric lights (7867) - for a bright flair even beyond the rails.
These trains get their energy from batteries on board and are controlled via a Infrared remote control. With the set came many new Train Accessories based on Power Functions including Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box, Power Functions IR Receiver, Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control and Transformer 10VDC. It was released only during that year, because in 1966 the LEGO Group introduced the first sets with track and battery powered motors. The wheels were flanged train wheels with rubber rims for traction, that were pushed into the motors.
Both 4.5V (battery powered) and 12V (DC powered using add-on centre conductor rails) sets were available during this era, too.

Later the former outstanding standard Trains theme was integrated in the LEGO World City theme line. Up until 1990 many new thematic Lego sets were introduced into the market including the star wars kit. The batteries were carried behind the engine in a tender, or in a battery box built into the engine in the earlier sets. The 9V era was finished with a special experts model of the Factory line called Hobby Trains in 2006.

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