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Lionel Battle Train release date is on August 15, 2013, published by Lionel, LLC on App Store. October 28, 2013 by Alison Wright Like Tweet +1 Pin Share StumbleUpon Tumblr Reddit For my readers that have been around for awhile you should know that Landon is a huge lover of trains! The Citizens depend on the Lionel Delivery Company to protect the vital goods that make their lives possible.
Collect cargo and battle your way through treacherous terrain and cunning enemies for high scores and achievements! For more than a hundred years, Lionel Trains have been delighting train enthusiasts young and old. TB:The initial concept of moving out of the traditional Lionel box came from a brainstorming session with our developers. Dispatch 17 from the Lionel Delivery Company will assist by giving you important guidance, issue trail bonds (instructions) and offer inspiration. You can earn in-game currency coins to buy these upgrades or buy coins outright through in-app purchasing. Examiner: Who's the development team behind the game and how did you decide to work with them (if they happen to be external).
TB: The development team is Schell Games out of Pittsburgh PA (known for Disney's Toontown Online and Pirates of the Caribbean Online). TB: Lionel Battle Train is part of a larger digital initiative to extend the brand’s footprint and create a fun train experience.
TB: I do not believe there are any direct discussions with existing celebrity train enthusiasts at this time.
TB: We are currently in the very early concept stages on a digital modular train environment. In addition to other game possibilities, Lionel is completing and testing a Content Hub which will serve as an aggregation point of the most socially shared train content on the web. Only the Lionel Delivery Company is tough enough to brave the challenges and defend the railway from ruthless bandits!HEROES… AND VILLAINSThe Citizens depend on the Lionel Delivery Company to protect the vital goods that make their lives possible.
There are in app purchases you can use but we haven’t done so and you can still progress in the game.

This year, the company's riding a bullet train into the future with the release of its first mobile game, Lionel Battle Train. As we looked at the demographics of the audience we were focused on capturing, we saw a very high interest in “battling for the greater good”; essentially experiencing sensational crashes with their customized trains. What we were trying to do was to keep some sense of nostalgia around trains and its basic functionality but give the user a bit more of the “Fantastical” to work with; further opening up possibilities for some progressive customization.
I wouldn’t say it’s in an apocalyptic time but the regions these battles take place in are in dire need of a hero to deliver critical cargo.
In addition to gathering behavioral information, we were originally searching for parts of a narrative that can eventually feed into a more relevant brand identity. The overall objective of the game is to collect precious cargo across a series of missions in 3 different regions.
As your missions become more difficult you will be required to periodically visit the Switchyard where you can gain access to upgrades to strengthen your train for more difficult battles. In addition, you will collect health orbs to keep your trains running and fight ongoing damage through battle and have the ability to socialize your accomplishments with friends through platforms like The Game Center, Facebook and Twitter. In a prior life I went through a very extensive decision matrix to select developers I needed to work with and on several projects. The brand awareness drops when you move from age 60+ down into the 30’s and 20’s somewhat dramatically.
Lionel’s overall goal is to create more relevance to a more diverse demographic while leveraging today’s technology and also keeping our hobby network thriving. The Hub will be a destination point for a wide range of train enthusiasts and also serve as a voice for Lionel. For more information about the game or about Lionel Trains, go to the Lionel Battle Train official website. So when I heard Lionel has put out a free app called Lionel Battle Train I knew I had to get it!
DeRaille, has descended upon the railway, intent on stealing supplies and wreaking havoc on everyone.
This week we spoke to Tony Bordon, a digital media consultant for Lionel Trains and this is what he had to say about the project.
Your missions become increasingly difficult as you cross the Prairie, Desert and Mountain regions by the greed of Dr.

These upgrades include sophisticated weapons, armor, additional boxcars and cow catchers for ramming enemies and blockades. With the current success of our Battle Train game, we are also considering an Android tablet version as well.
So when I got home from LA I went to the iPad and downloaded it and let Landon have a good time. So we came up with an abbreviated version of our original intention, which we hoped to be slightly more than context for battle. DeRaille who sends bigger and more powerful Robocars out to prevent you from delivering your cargo. It eliminated much of the due diligence typically done with big decisions like this so I carried those metrics here to Lionel. Great service and reliability have been the hallmark of the Lionel Delivery Company for generations.
Actually Landon started saying Hard after I said the game was hard when he wanted me to play.
Cory though has a ton of fun playing it and has gotten the boys farther in the game with some great upgrades to their train! Help uphold the Lionel legacy!GAME FEATURESTake command of your favorite Lionel model train!
Choose from the General, Santa Fe FT Diesel or the New York Central Flyer.•Charge through 3 unique regions and 19 exciting Story Missions! Incredibly fun, just-one-more-mission, endless game play…with a twist of nostalgia!---- PLEASE NOTE!
Lionel Battle Train is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money.

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