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All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout. If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member. Available from 1949 until 1953, there are two wire clips on the bottom to connect this accessory to a power source.
Since this accessory used heat from the lamp to work, it is advisable that an accessory circuit that is always on, should be used to run this beacon. Variation A: Has a RED painted stamped steel tower with a SERIF lettering on the identification plate at the base.
Variation B: Identical to Variation A except has SANS-SERIF lettering on the identification plate.
Variation C: Has a DARK GREEN painted stamped steel tower similar in color to what was used for the No. Variation D: Is an unpainted Aluminum tower, base, and platform that is often identified as the SILVER painted steel tower used only on the No.
Variation E: Identical to Variation B except that it has an aluminized sticker instead of an aluminum identification plate.

Variation F: Identical to Variation D but has an unpainted aluminum tower and platform, and a RED painted base. The validity of the last variation is established by the fact that all of the towers that were painted were done so after assembly. There are a total of seven different instruction sheets that were issued for this Rotary Beacon. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A lot of people have trouble making these work, but if you follow Lionel's instructions they will work. While we're on the subject, have you seen the reproductions?
So while tower bases could be substituted it would be obvious if this has been done after the tower was painted. Our system will automatically choose the best carrier at the time of shipment to help us deliver the lowest prices and fastest service possible.
Features: Stamped metal construction, Beacon light housing rotates, Red and green lenses on rotating light.
The first and the last issues used BLACK ink on WHITE paper and all of the others have DARK BLUE ink on WHITE paper.

3520 Searchlight Car, at the top instead of the heat of the lamp that was used previously to rotate the beacon. This made for a more reliable operation that occurred instantly when power was supplied to the beacon. This delicate part was noted in the Lionel Service Manual as being subject to the environment, as slight breezes and movements in the surrounding air could effect operation of the beacon. Available from 1954 until 1966, there are two wire clips on the bottom to connect this accessory to a power source. The best source is a variable voltage accessory circuit so that the rate of rotation of the beacon can be adjusted.

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