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Andy Vasquez of The Record of Bergen County in New Jersey reported on Friday that his sources could not name a single Brooklyn player who liked Hollins. The Nets fired Hollins on Sunday along with general manager Billy King, and have already begun looking for replacements, though it seems unlikely their top choice will be coming. Lionel Hollins led the Memphis Grizzlies to 56 wins in 2012-13 and a berth in the Western Conference final before parting ways. However, the coach who groomed him into an NBA star, Lionel Hollins, believes the Knicks target will chase the money and financial security. Hollins coached Conley for five seasons in Memphis, becoming, according to the point guard, a€?almost a second father figure to me.a€? Hollinsa€™ presence in Brooklyn was considered the reason Conley would give the Nets a chance this summer, when both New York teams can have enough cap space to sign a max free agent. Conley is earning about $9.7 million this year and should double his salary with the next contract.
Theya€™ve failed to get out of the second round since reaching the conference finals in 2013. While speaking in generalities and never specifically mentioning the Nets, Hollins hinted at some of the issues that doomed his tenure in Brooklyn, beyond just the losing.
The Nets also have one of the more aggressive marketing teams spearheaded by Brett Yormark. Knicks Daily News Pix The Daily News has all the legendary Knicks including Walt, Willis, Patrick and more.

Shout It Out !!000000000or copy the linkAnd like Kidd, one of his biggest tasks will be helping point guard Deron Williams join their club.
The same day Deron Williams reached a buyout with the Brooklyn Nets, we learned that the point guard had a major conflict with Nets coach Lionel Hollins. Around AS break, sources say Deron Williams had to be physically restrained from going after Hollins during a meeting to air out grievances. Williams had two years and $43.3 million remaining on his contract with the Nets but he was able to reach a buyout with them so he could sign with the Mavericks. At one time considered one of the best point guards in the league along with Chris Paul, Williams struggled with injuries and system fits after signing with the Nets. Between running Jerry Sloan out of town in Utah and this conflict with Hollins, Williams is not helping his reputation as a coach killer. Vasquez’s sources said Nets players felt that the coach was condescending, negative, and vindictive. Hollins also allegedly rarely took responsibility for the team’s woes, instead blaming the team and their play. Given the attitudes in the Brooklyn locker room, perhaps a disciplinarian-type coach like this potential candidate wouldn’t be the best idea.
The Grizzlies own his Bird Rights and can offer him the most money, but, as Hollins noted, theya€™re a small market team already doling out big money to Gasol and Zach Randolph.

This season, theya€™re fifth in the conference and Gasol is out indefinitely with a broken foot.
It was known that ownership and management were not happy with the way Hollins criticized his players in the media.
It did not come close to happening last season, another maddening one for the enigmatic Williams. He was openly mocked by fans for his struggles, and he even admitted a few years ago that he wasn’t the same player since leaving the Utah Jazz.
Now it will be interesting to see how Williams handles the Mavericks after his past issues with Mark Cuban. He wants to get paid,a€? Hollins, who was fired as the Brooklyn Nets coach this season, said on SiriusXM radio. But the micromanaging, the meddling of who should play and how you should talk to this guy and how you should talk to the media, what you should say or shouldna€™t say because how it looks for the organization versus just speaking the truth. Those things weigh on you when you spend so much time trying to massage everybody instead of just coaching,a€? Hollins said.

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