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Trainman, the puffer type of smoke unit that Lione uses in their basic steam locos will NEVER smoke like say an MTH steamer - which can have advantages, especiaqlly if other people in the house are sensitive to it. Bachmann also make an absolutely marvelous smoke unit that is good for buildings and structures.
Well just a simple thought and suggestion that might make you happy while saving a few bucks. The next four pictures are of the new smoke unit its a Lionel 8057-200 Fan-Driven Smoke Unit I rebuilt it right out of the package I also used pink insulation to repack the unit (not shown) and the one picture that likes like I used aluminum foil on the board..

Pacific train I have that weren't in the kit, but so far things seem to be coming a long well. Great question also: with this let me point out that I would NOT recommend having the engine parked for longer than a minute with out the micro switch activated (fan on) or the element WILL burn out or worse ( I spoke to Lionel tech support on that issue and they stated that the element will burn out if left on higher than 50% or V for extend periods with out the fan running), but with any smoke unit that happens and they are easy to replace and cheap too. I was lucky enough to receive from my daughters a Hogwarts set for Christmas 2008 and I could not have been happier with the quality of the smoke, engine, constant voltage lighting and operating couplers in the coaches. BUT may a suggest a simple idea to get more smoke out of your loco: try some other brands of smoke fluid other than the Lionel brand.

For around $6 cost, I have had these units for years - they have long outlasted any Seuthe smoke units I have ever had and have long since gone kaput.
I will be doing a polar express and a SF 4156 from the Super Freight set (same boiler casting and wheel arrangement).I also have the same question as Ed.

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