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The remainder of the motorized units to report on include the mobile launchers and the small industrial switchers. These are the locomotives that performed the vital tasks of distributing empty cars to industry and similar users, gathering up local cars and moving them to the local railroad yard where they were stored, and assembling them into trains. The frames of the Postwar small switchers are easily interchangeable, but I have developed a down and dirty way to spot a phony. The Modern era has included other small switchers that share the same basic shell, but a few are lacking any metal frames either on the side or ends, have a cheap plastic feel, plastic bells, fixed couplers, plastic ladders, plastic e-unit switch near the cab rather a metal lever on the engine shroud, and no lights or side rods whatsoever.

John Trotta, custom painter of the mint car series fame, also made a switcher in the New York and Atlantic Railway scheme. The reason that I have included the mobile launchers as part of an article on motorized units is, well, because Lionel did in their catalogs; 1959 page 42 and 1960 page 40 respectively. Switchers were found just about everywhere: large industrial sidings, on dockside tracks at seaports, quarries, mines, steel mills, lumber yards, and everywhere that required a railroad car to be moved. Some were in sets only, not available as a separate sale item and used DC power only, but could be adapted to work with AC using a rectifier.

The New York & Atlantic Railway began operation in May 1997 of the privatized concession to operate freight trains on the lines owned by the Long Island Rail Road. They could be a tank locomotive such as the 1251, or with a tender as the Pennsylvania Railroad B6s switcher found elsewhere in the Museum.

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