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O Gauge Track will not mate with 027 track because it is one-eighth of an inch higher and eight sections of curved track create a circle that is 31 inches in diameter.
Because of the tight radius (for O Scale) of the curved sections used by all of these tracks, Lionel was limited by the length of the engines and cars that could be run on these tracks. We’ve illustrated the types of track below and have offered additional details on some individual sections and track accessories in the Numerical Index.
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I was recently given a 50 year old Lionel starter set by a retired friend who said it was working. I think you'd be fine with 16 gauge wire for a small, simple layout setup with this 1015 transformer. Gosh, for a simple one locomotive setup with a 45 watt transformer, almost any wire you can find will work fine!
Nope, my point is almost any wire you have around is good for a 45 watt transformer running one train. I also found a software package called Any Rail that's been fun to play with in designing layouts.

I suspect I'll quickly outgrow the 1015 transformer and am on the lookout for something better.
Selective compression reduces the size of this equipment by uniformly shortening their length while giving the impression of being a full sized model.

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