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This car used the 3419-30 flat car chassis mold with the revision of an additional slot cut in the top of the frame to accommodate the short rectangular tab of the radar console. The satellites have been reproduced, but they lack the detail and quality of the original issues. This car appeared in the 1961 catalog with a BLUE chassis, but it was never produced this way. Variation A: GREEN chassis that has two AAR trucks with disc couplers and early satellite with curved solar panels.
Variation B: GREEN chassis that has two AAR trucks one with a disc coupler and the other with a solid non-operating coupler. Lionel’s displays and layouts left an unforgettable impression on those who used viewed them in stores from the 1920s through 1960s. It’s a relic of a bygone era, and model trains have been around since Queen Victoria ruled the British Empire.
Lionel, the iconic manufacturer of model trains, has been leading the industry for more than a century, and for the last few years it has offered the G Gauge Train Set to kids as young as 4 years old.
Although many famous fans are getting along in years (like rock stars such as Rod Stewart, Neil Young, and Roger Daltrey), Lionel makes sure that young children get an excellent introduction to the world of model train sets. But with the G Gauge trains children may begin to see and understand a little of what makes miniature trains so endlessly fascinating. Options include the Pennsylvania Flyer, the Crayola G-Gauge Freight Set, the Snoopy Railways, the Polar Express (based on the movie), Coca Cola Holiday, Hershey’s, Harry Potter, and a few more. That kind of variety means that if you begin to get the urge to start collecting model trains, you can start with toy trains first, and even just the G Gauge train sets offer plenty of variety. What sets aside the Lionel G Gauge train set is that even though it is a toy, it’s been made with a lot of care and attention to detail that older model train fans will surely appreciate. First of all, the construction and the paint job are exquisite, and it really does seem realistic. You also get fixed knuckle couples are removable crates, doors open on the boxcars, the headlights are working, and you may even have miniature action figures such as conductor and boy figures to go with it.

With the remote control, you can sound the whistle and ring the bell, and even play a special song (such as “All Aboard the Polar Express”). It chugs along nicely when it runs, and when it stops it makes the same hissing and sighing sounds a real train makes.
The speeds are just right so that it’s not boringly slow, but no too fast that it derails when it turns around the oval track. The G Gauge trains runs on batteries, and it comes with track parts that allow you to make an oval or circular track.
Since these are toys, one of the first things that parents are concerned about is its durability. While the G Gauge trains from 5 or 6 years ago had quality control issues, for the most part Lionel has made a point to improve the durability. So instead of having a train set damaged during the delivery, in most cases you get a G Gauge Train Set that can take abuse from children.
Parents report that the train cars have been banged, the remote controller has been dropped, the engine has been bashed, and they can still run quite well.
And all these action figures have a train set as an exciting setting for whatever amazing adventure the kids have planned out. After all, Lionel makes model train sets for people obsessed with the tiniest details, and the company couldn’t help but make sure that even their toy trains are faithful to real trains. There may not be a real Harry Potter or Snoopy train, but at least they speed up gradually and slow down gently just like real trains. This is an excellent toy for children, who may be fascinated by a moving toy that’s outside their TV or tablet screen. It’s even educational, as your children seen an archaic form of transportation that once transformed the whole world.
The real point is that your children will have lots of fun with this toy, and they learn many new things along the way. I highly recommend first getting the Lionel Polar Express train set to anyone who wants to get started with a G-Gauge.

It’s the number one best seller in hobby train sets with over 1,000 reviews and climbing.
As a father and husband there are tons and tons of products I've had to extensively research and buy. 3409, however, the winder has a longer neck to accommodate the centering pin of the satellite. Today, it’s difficult to find these displays layouts, and collectors pay as much as $10,000 to acquire them. The good news is that if your boys imagine Godzilla moving into town, the train set can take the hits!
During this holiday season, putting it under the Christmas tree is a favorite way to spruce up a living room. It allows your children to imagine stories, and the G Gauge trains offer an exciting setting for whatever narrative they can come up with.
Early production satellites would have the upper chrome plated part secured to the lower solar panel part with a spring clip. This 1116-page high-quality keepsake shows you why these layouts are so remarkable, and why they’re cherished by Lionel fans everywhere. There may still be issues with the quality when you get it—most of the negative reviews are about receiving damaged goods, and not about the performance of the Lionel G Gauge train set itself. Available in 1961 and 1962, this car was not available for separate sale, but would appear in some of Lionel’s more economical cataloged and uncataloged sets during these years. The solar panels in early editions would have a smooth curved shape, while later versions have a clearly angular shape.

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