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Logan arrived on Sodor on the day of the Sodor Talent Show and confused Edward and Gordon for one another, and mixed up their trains. Logan is a merchandise exclusive character with a book tie-in for Wooden Railway's "Sodor Story Collection" series.
Despite having it on his side in both his book and his Wooden Railway model, Logan does not have his name on his side in the promotional videos.
Logan and the Big Blue Engines is a book that came with the Wooden Railway set of the same name and in a special book pack. Edward and Gordon go to the Crosby Coal Company to collect their coal and their cargo where they find Logan, busy shunting their trucks. Logan, with the brass band coaches, eventually catches up to a confused Gordon where he warns him about his mistake.

The scene of Logan catching up with Gordon was recreated in CGI for in A Friendly Farewell. Since Logan has not seen Edward and Gordon before, he can't tell their tenders apart and gives the wrong trucks to each engine.
When he puffs alongside Edward, thinking he is Gordon, he is shocked to find none other than Edward! When he had a mishap with Edward and Gordon, he quickly discovered the value of patience and how it is indeed possible to correct a mistake. Edward leaves with Gordon's brass band coaches and Gordon leaves with Edward's bubblesome trucks.
Logan and Gordon have a friendly chat and Gordon learns that Logan is a really useful steamie, not a diesel.

Unlike either of his basis, however, Logan has a funnel in his illustrations and on his CGI model.
Logan returns to his work at his coal mine a wiser engine that learned the value of patience.

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