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In particular, I’ve always been curious to see how the city changes along the route, so I brought my camera and took a single picture outside each regular stop along the way.
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I enjoy living vicariously through you and hate the thought of you leaving NY, but I hope it’s for bigger and better things. Please, please set the blog to cycle through the archives for the latest post box so we can pretend you’re still here, and still discover new things we may have missed on the first go-around.
Agree with Ben – ScoutingNY has been a great resource, from the occasional NYC top-up to fascinating bits of trivia! Really hope this means you can scout other locations for the blog–I love these posts, but have always lamented that they only cover New York City and nearby areas, as opposed to other cities and locations.
You did a brilliant job with this photo essay, I especially appreciate Rockaway, which we don’t get to see that much. Have been a huge fan of your work, and often cite your post about The Bronx being the friendliest borough in NYC whenever some survey comes out saying that NYers are unfriendly, rude, etc. Is it too late to visit the Morris Park neighborhood in The Bronx and show it to people through your eyes?
This website inspired me to do one of my own, and I’m certain anything you do in the future will inspire many more. I hope that the references to moving is just a simple move to the ‘burbs because this websites is one of the best, most honest, and most insightful websites. But if it’s the beginning of the end I hope whatever you have up your sleeve is an amazing opportunity that was too good to pass up. Your insightful details of the different neighborhoods of NYC has been greatly appreciated, especially the ones I have walked through and also photographed. I have to ask: if you jumped off at each station to take a photo, and had to wait for the next train, how long did this photo journey take? Anyway, wherever you’re headed next, I hope the skies and sights are inspiring and the rent is more reasonable. Through your stories and photo’s I stay in touch with the greatest and most inspiring city ever. I'm also available for speaking engagements discussing my work as a scout and my explorations throughout New York City (accompanied by hundreds of photos, of course!). Congratulations to Beijing, which now holds the distinction of having the longest metro system in the world. From 2013 to 2015, Beijing will put at least one new subway line into operation each year, according to the Beijing Metro Company. By 2015, the number of subway lines in Beijing will reach 19, with a combined length of 561 km. One of the things that concerns me greatly about the subways is the continual overcrowding. Every airline must, by international law, have fully trained staff for any and all emergencies.

All this must change if the Beijing subway and other Chinese subway systems are to be the transportation infrastructure for the future of the cities and their inhabitants.
Furthermore, there is no easy way to evacuate the sick or injured from the crush of people in any subway station at any time.
Are Beijing trains driven by computers or do they have some half wit retard at the head of every train playing angry birds and eating McDonald’s when they should be driving the train? The new shiny slippery floors are a nice F YOU from the ___*censored*___ people who run the BJ subway.
Mexico City's new subway line will eliminate 860 buses from the city's congested streets and expand one of the most used metro systems in the Western Hemisphere into poorer districts. Mexico City — For hundreds of thousands of Mexico City residents, daily life grew less arduous and less expensive Tuesday with the inauguration of a new subway line that reaches deep into poor districts of one of the world’s biggest metropolises.The mostly underground line, which cost nearly $2 billion to build, will shave average daily commute times from about 150 minutes to 78 minutes for riders who take the speedy train. The project also is expected to help improve the capital’s air quality, by eliminating 860 buses from the city’s streets. First new subway station in over 25 YEARS opens on NYCa€™s Far West Side after taking more than eight years to extend the No. The city's first new subway station in over 25 years opened Sunday at 34th Street and 11th AvenueA It took more than eight years to build and extend the No. The first new subway station in over 25 years opened Sunday in New York at 34th Street and 11th Avenue after taking more than eight years to build.Linking Times Square to a booming neighborhood on Manhattan's Far West Side, the No. Happy times: In the photo on the left, Senator Charles Schumer (left), Mayor Bill de Blasio (right) pass through the subway turnstiles at the new station. Colorful: Inside of the facility, the mosaic artwork above is titled 'Funktional Vibrations' by Xenobia Bailey. For just the standard fare of $2.75, it will take you more than 31 miles from Inwood to Far Rockaway, passing through three boroughs and 36 regular stops (65 at night). Rather than skip to the next stop, why don’t we hope aboard here at Howard Beach and ride to the next station together. Whatever you do, and wherever you go, all the best and thanks (but hopefully plenty more on here!). Thank you so much for sharing all the hidden gems of my city and best wishes on your next endeavor! 2 with 437 kilometers of track, followed by Seoul at 406.2 kilometers, then London at 402 kilometers. All western and most Asian train systems have qualified staff to deal with emergencies, including dispensing first-aid by qualified attendants.
But how can you be sure that the attendants and other personnel haven’t received rudimentary training? I nominate the General himself to fake a seizure at one of the new terminals and report back to us.
400+ km of track, shinny new Canadian trains, and operated by a bunch of kindergarten drop outs.
At first, there were only two lines, Line 1, a smelly, no air conditioning set of carriages with people squeezed in like sardines.Summer was unbearable.
The reduction in time comes from taking riders off buses that crawl along congested streets.“The importance of returning an hour of their day to people to use as they please is probably one of the greatest social and personal impacts of a project like this,” President Felipe Calderon said.

Take our quiz and find out!Mexico City’s Metro, as the subway system is called, transports an average of more than 5 million people a day over about 110 miles of track, stopping at any of 195 stations. Javits Convention Center, the northern part of the High Line and the Hudson River waterfront.A The costly extension of the No.
7 train the only line south of 59th Street to provide service west of Ninth AvenueOfficials say this extension will transform the Far West Side of Manhattan since the subway system's expansion through the 20th century has shaped the way numerous neighborhoods in the city have developed and prospered.A In addition, officials say this latest extension will improve subway service for riders all along the No. This blog has been one of my favorite things on the internet for the last several years and really makes me appreciate living here in NYC even more. I’ve been visiting this blog since its old template days and each time has been so delightful.
The Bronx is so often ignored or shown in such a negative manner in movies, but there are many architectural treasures in my borough that need to be seen and appreciated. Because I wouldn’t want that hot new NYC trend to spread to all of those hip young Beijing trendsetters trying to ride the wave of popularity. Incidently, a year or so ago their software malfunctioned and they attempted to drive the train using ZhongGuoRen power.
Tokyo’s metro and light rail systems are much much better than anything China could ever hope to offer, and much bigger than anything will ever be in China too.
The line 12 or Golden line is 15.5 miles long, making it the longest and most modern subway line in the capital.
7 train line was funded by the city by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.His administration's agreement marked the first time in more than 60 years that the city would pay for a subway extension.
7 line because extra tracks were built south of Hudson Yards station, giving the authority more room to store and turn around trains, The New York Times reported. You managed to find spaces that I would never know about otherwise and always provide such a thorough history on them. Not only I’ve gathered information for past and future NYC trips, but its images and stories have fulfilled many daydreams.
Another Bronx treasure is the Bronx Court building at 161st and Washington Ave, that is currently being used as a cultural institution. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) also contributed $53 million for the extension. A consortium led by Mexican engineers drilled through nine different types of soil and used special steel pillars on an elevated section to deal with the earthquake risk.The project also has other benefits, some of them intangible. A state-of-the-art closed-circuit monitoring system means that passengers are likely to suffer fewer assaults and robberies than they do on buses.
Experts say it may bring greater development to poorer districts traversed by the line, such as Tlahuac, Milpa Alta, Xochimilco, and Iztapalapa.It’s perhaps the last public-works project that Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard will inaugurate before he leaves office Dec.
Ebrard fought early this year for the presidential nomination of the leftist Revolutionary Democratic Party but ceded to a more veteran politician, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a perennial runner-up who came in second again in the July 1 vote. Ebrard is considered a likely presidential candidate for the 2018 elections.In addition to expanding the subway system, Ebrard has turned the capital’s largest ring road into a double-decker highway for much of its length, built a rapid transit system of articulated buses along four routes that sped commutes and cut pollution, and began a large bike-share system.

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