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I'm going with the first one because it better matches the colours of the immediate surroundings. Even though the M81 is my favorite pattern, I think that for the woodland I am in, Multicam Tropic would work the best an also I love the Crye uniforms. That MARPAT pic is horrible for showing off how it works, it works best in woodland with lots of browns (like European forests). I just don't see how anyone can say that M81 is better than any of the other newer woodland stuff. The M81 was developed for the European operations against the Soviet Union and other WARPAC countries.
The MARPAT that you might have seen might've been fakes though, real MARPAT really excels in most woodland environments that I have seen. Ran across a photograph of a unit of engineers from 2nd Armored wearing full camo gear head to toe. Interests:military history, current affairs, sport (rugby, cricket, football), Bushmills whiskey, wine, bad 80s pop music (Howard Jones, Human League etc). There were three variations of US camoflage, each of the same pattern only differing in coloring. One of the little Osprey books did mention that the uniforms confused other troops and caused friendly fire casualties.
I've read that it caused a few friendly fire incidents between units of the 29th and 2nd Armored Divisions. Back in Jr High, I purchased an early M-1 helmet with that reversible cover along with some 1945-dated USMC web gear. The German firm Tac-Gear also won a contract to provide the Danish Armed Forces with multi-pocket smocks and trousers (in KSK-style), hats, helmet covers, shelter halves, rucksacks, individual load-carrying equipment and chest rigs.  Tac-Gear has also produced an Under-Armour Shirt and a lightweight summer Combat Shirt. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Military Times has reported that the Australian Special Ops Groups are looking to integrate the Crye MultiCam pattern into their camouflage repertoire. If you are in or around Ottawa before September 6th be sure to check out the Camouflage exhibit at the Canadian War Museum.
We have seen many attacks on bases in the Khost province and this seems to be one of the more brazen attempts. As the Army decides what alterations need to be made to their service contracts it draws the question "Are we helping the economy by taking a closer look of private spending by the Department of Defense?" I would imagine that many of the service contracts are with domestic private companies who may be squeaking by with the their government sector funding.
Most Sailors will be required to have a minimum of 2 sets of the new Navy Work Uniforms by year end.

Army Times has now released that female soldiers could be evaluating an ACU designed for women as soon as January 2011. The highlight of the Combat Shirt is its patented Defender M Fire Resistant fabric by TenCate. As you can see this Combat Shirt was designed for performance in extreme inhospitable conditions.
The point of blotches is to conceal at longer ranges, and to break up your image more effectively there. To those of us who are colourblind, the digital styles actually stand out because they are unnatural and are not close to the colour of natural greens. If you are like me, and your wooded areas turn very brown in the winters, every other woodland camo just has so much green or is too light, and they lose effectiveness. For the military though, MARPAT has a huge flaw, and that is when it's exposed to Night Vision. And being in Ireland, though very unlikely a country the US would have been in if the Cold war got hot, the M81 excels. It looked, from first glance, to be similar to the splotchy pattern as used by US Marines on their helmet covers over in the Pacific. The Army used the green camo only, while the USMC used the green and tan patterns on reversible uniforms.
I don't know if this is true or not, maybe Rich, Ken Estes or BillB could shed some light on this. I presume the Army used the same cover.In WW2 the US Army made little use of a cloth camouflage helmet covers. The outer uniform is made of the same material as the light combat uniform, but the colours have been changed to desert camouflage. Here is a funny slant on the development of bulletproof sleeves, brought to us from the good guys at the Onion News. This is a great exhibit highlighting the design and usage of Military Camouflage over the past 100 years along with its use in modern fashion. Once all the bugs are worked out and a proper fit with different sizes are determined, we could see and Army Combat Uniform specifically for women by 2014. It is probably one of the most recognized MultiCam Clothing items due its distinct camouflaged sleeves and non-camo torso.
Defender M is the top FR fabric for the Marines and Army and is utilized in manufacturing this MultiCam Shirt to meet USMC Specifications. It is by far the most common pattern found in Irish airsoft along with British DPM because of its effectiveness.

The army first tried camo coveralls but these were found to be hot and cumbersome for the soldier to relieve himself.
If by early M-1 helmet you mean a fixed bale, front seam rimmed m-1 with USMC cover, it could run into the hundreds of dollars. While not common, one can still run across various uniform articles like caps, shirts, raincoats jackets and trousers made in Vietnam or Okinawa by local tailors or unit personnel. In the ETO the helmets were plain or netted, some painted, or covers such as snow camo or burlap, or mud, but not printed covers. TenCate has noted data from the Armed forces that injuries from IED explosives have been reduced after the introduction of Defender M fabrics. The other patterns dont always hold up as well here because the vegetation can change very drastically. If it has a fiber Hawley liner, well, put a zero behind that.The reversible helmet cover was standard USMC issue until the Kevlar helmet was adopted. There are a few photos of troops using camo parachute silk as camo covers just after DDay in France.
Different military forces from multiple countries are looking for the best camouflage to meet the varied terrain presented by the Afghanistan's different environments. The Khost province has made big headlines with the attack on CIA operatives as well as several incursions from across the Pakistan border.
Obviously with a full load out of MultiCam gear including harnesses, body armor, and Molle Carrier you will cover the areas that are not camouflaged. Where MARPAT could be right one minute, its too dark the next, and where standard Multicam can be right one minute, its too bright the next. The USMC used reversible helmet covers, jacket and pants, but the jacket and pants were different in cut than the army version.
When he asked someone for water he was rudley told that as a dirty SS bastrad he could just suffer. The USMC used reversible helmet covers, jacket and pants, but the jacket and pants were different in cut than the army version.Back in Jr High, I purchased an early M-1 helmet with that reversible cover along with some 1945-dated USMC web gear. This is a very important buffer zone as we have seen the Taliban attack from their strongholds in Pakistan.
The Mitchell pattern reversible helmet covers were introduced in 1958 or 59 for the USMC and the Army followed suit a few years later.

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