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TechCrunch has heard that Facebook is buying Titan Aerospace, makers of near-orbital, solar-powered drones. Facebook apparently has plans to use 11,000 of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), specifically the ‚ÄúSolara 60? model. Facebook does not have any plans to build or operate its own wireless network, reports Fierce Wireless. The Solara 50 and 60 models can be launched at night, then when the sun rises, they can store enough energy to ascend to 20KM (65,000 feet or about 12 miles) above sea level where they can remain for five years. As a communications relay, the Solara offers about an 18-mile radius of coverage easily covering all of New York City’s five boroughs, as shown in the map above. Google will use high-flying balloons, among other technologies, to deliver Internet to remote areas.

Range Networks, the company that developed the open-source basestation software BTS wants to adapt their transceiver to use unlicensed white space spectrum for cellular networks all over the world. It could dramatically change the face of mobile communications for billions of people in developing countries around the world, says ArsTechnica.
The 1st edition Wall Map of New York Tri-State Vicinity includes a 60-mile radius of New York City.
Details include major streets and all highways, county lines and names, mileage circles, ZIP codes and boundaries, airports and parks, water features, longitude and latitude lines. They can fly for five years without needing to land and Facebook may use these high-flying drones to blanket parts of the world without Internet access, beginning with Africa. Instead it is working with carriers and partners around the globe to connect more people to the mobile Internet.

Of course 10 million people can’t simultaneously access one cell tower 12 miles away. Google’s Project Loon sails through the stratosphere, where there are different wind layers.
Using wind data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the balloons are maneuvered by identifying the wind layer with the desired speed and direction and then adjusting altitude to float in that layer. The upper surfaces of its wings and tail are packed with over 3,000 photovoltaic cells capable of generating up to 7 kilowatts.

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