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Beste forumleden,Heeft iemand ervaringen met de Marklin of Fleischmann electrische draaischijf? Dat ziet (en hoort) wel erg gelikt met dat sein en dat geluid!Het kost wel wat maar dan heb je ook wat! Hi Carles,Tom pointed out the differences, what the best option is depends on your requirements also. Originally Posted by: arconell Hi Carles,Tom pointed out the differences, what the best option is depends on your requirements also.
Originally Posted by: mike c I highly doubt that the Maerklin special motor is a Mabuchi motor. Hello hello!I have just found out,that both of Marklin and Trix new MS2 has exactly same software.They works exactly same way of functions too!The only difference between them are logotyp of names and colour.I prefer green colour better than red! Als het sein groen is mag je op de draaishijf rijden ,als het sein rood is gaat de schijf draaien. Very comprehensive answer, as always.I will plan on up-grading my 3722 with a 5 pole motor but maybe coupled to a mfx decoder.
It is probably a more basic model than that.Marklin 36xxx TRAXX definately comes with a basic, large, and cheap can motor.

Echter moet je het voor deze draaischijf wel op Ebay e.d zoeken, hij wordt niet meer gemaakt.
Looking at the 2009 New Items brochure the roof of the DB loco seems to be dark, almost black. 36606 represents a lok from the second series.The Roco 69591, 69592, 69599, 69501, 68506 are all more detailed models, OEM ESU decoders and good motors, albeit with plastic bodies.
Many Märklinists dread that because they feel it is an inferior motor of may be Chinese production (many people think it is a Mabuchi motor, which is Japanese, not Chinese but may be of Chinese production). It requires some conversion to be operated on Maerklin, but it does not appear to be too complicated. It makes sense now that they are embracing DCC to save on production and support costs to make the units similar.My question is if Marklin uses AC and Trix uses DC how does the controller know what to output?
Personally, I would prefer the lighter colour as depicted in your picture rather than the darker colour depicted in the brochure.Are your pictures from the recent toy fair? Do you have to remove the buffers?Also, can you give me the reference of the Sommerfeldt pantos?
It is a (roughly) 18-20V DC voltage which has modulated digital signals superimposed on it.

This includes pantographs and other roof details (multicolored), bogie and wheel details, integrated close coupling mechanism. I have heard some rumours that some of these models may have in fact been made in China, but have not seen any definite proof.As far as the Maerklin models, there have been issues with the motor, with the arrangement of the traction tires (traction) and problems with the LEDs.
On top of that, the decoder is integrated into the very basic circuit board and it is not possible to change decoders on these models. Maerklin finally released a kit with sound decoder with a new PC board, but if you want to add an aftermarket decoder, you will have to get the Trix circuit board which has the connector for a decoder built in.
The cost of these upgrades is likely to drive your Basic Maerklin model into the same price range as the Roco or Trix models.I prefer the aesthetics of the Roco models.

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