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This page may take a while to develop into actually selling items because I can't figure out what to part with.
I saw the shell (boiler) for a 666 engine for sale in an antique shop in TN about 4 weeks ago; it was a town north of Nashville. In the television series of Nero Wolfe mysteries (2002-2003), Mr Wolfe's Personal Assistant Archie Goodwin has, on his desk, a model which looks very much like an NYC streamlined steam locomotive, and decorated in silver gray like the Commodore Vanderbilt.
The only Marx Commodore Vanderbilt I know of is the old tinplate toy train from Louis Marx and Company, one of the largest toy makers in the world until they went out of business in 1978.
It could be that someone listed one of these as HO, not knowing what the different scales meant.
Fantastic quality of tinplate David, and very nice layout.  Almost looks like it came off the assembly line down the street!
Nothing is more fairly distributed than common sense: no one thinks he needs more of it than he already has. American Flyer made quite a few manual accessories that fit quite nicely with Marx tinplate.
Becky, those wonderful creations look fantastic as you appear to have a natural talent for that.

October 16-18, 2009 ~ Featuring 1882 Weber Grand Piano, Antiques, Tools, Household, & More! Political Library of Irwin Richardt and Ham Radio Equipment & Radio~TV Repair Collection of John W. Antiques, Furniture, Tools, China, Mission & Deco Advertising Clocks, Vintage Clothing, Tons of Old Books, Sterling, Jewelry, Vintage Christmas, Railroad Memorabilia, Bric-a Brac, Doo-Dads, and MORE! Estate Tag Sale - 100 year-old home in lovely Connecticut setting.  Includes Furniture, Antiques, and MORE! Polish black cast iron and plastic engines with "Scuff Coat" liquid shoe polish -- Harry Chavez, Sr. Just about any reversing Marx motor can be retrofitted into the M-10000 with the use of Grossman's bracket #196. The K-line #950 (20 watt) that came with sets until about two years ago, will NOT run a Marx 666.
The Marx Railroad and Village Construction Set was made around 1950 by Jaymar, 220 Fifth Ave.
This is a collection of links that I have found useful or interesting, either professionally or personally.

Looking for one that is more detailed then the Marx DCC a plus but not required on it also.
Unless they listed it wrong then made it i only have one HO and no nothing about Marx really am going by what was written on the auction.
In Tinplate Times there was an essay on this philosophy, which also is prevalent in Standard Gauge. I am still flummoxed to account for  that other wonderful creation, the tropical tinplate layout. It is rumored that the shipping amount for small orders from Al is likely to be lower than that of the same items ordered directly from Robert Grossman. I'd do it if I had the dedicated room for a permanant non movable layout, pick up a second hand pool table, one that can no longer be used for pool, be alot cheaper, as long as the woodwork is in good shape, be a nice starting point for an old school style layout.

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