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Polish black cast iron and plastic engines with "Scuff Coat" liquid shoe polish -- Harry Chavez, Sr. Just about any reversing Marx motor can be retrofitted into the M-10000 with the use of Grossman's bracket #196. The K-line #950 (20 watt) that came with sets until about two years ago, will NOT run a Marx 666. The Marx Railroad and Village Construction Set was made around 1950 by Jaymar, 220 Fifth Ave.
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Nothing is more fairly distributed than common sense: no one thinks he needs more of it than he already has. Becky, i occasionally find similar buildings at my local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other thrift stores. And in the end, I got a great looking, great running piece of toy history, and I only paid around $40 for everything! I got a message from Robert Grossman, and the nameplates are actually pre-clear coated to resist tarnish. Definitely the place to get replacement parts from! I have one thats missing the smokestack trim piece, I'd like to reinstall it when I repaint the engine.
Many have said that Louis Marx was to the train and toy industry what Henry Ford was to the automobile industry.
Most of the early trains and locomotives were equipped with ESP (Early Swing Pin) coupling systems. It is also important to note that all engines, trains, frames, and couplers were made from tin until 1972.
Canadian Pacific power unit - designed in time to go along with the first run of the Canada Pacific passenger trains.
Former productions created 1,000 Marx train sets for Christmas, which offered a new electric train.
Scale line still produced, though they also created seven inch as well as eight inch types.
Modern passenger cars were also introduced, which included visible people inside the train.
Produced a popular Disney train using a seven inch scale and a mechanical engine with cars adorned by various Disney characters. During 1952, more and more items were being produced with plastic, including engines and freight cars. Other memorable toys produced by Marx included service stations, collectible dollhouses, the Big Wheel pedal bike, Yo-Yo, Rock'em Sock'em Robots, and the Green Machine.
Louis Marx was considered the Toy King for many, many years and was the first toy manufacturer of the time to be elected into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame.
Because these toys and trains were created so long ago, they are extremely popular with collectors, whether the collector focuses on toys or trains; however, when searching for these specific toys and trains, it is important to understand the grading system used by most sellers. When searching eBay for Louis Marx toys and trains, it is important to read the descriptions. I know, I need a better camera, it does not like taking photos in low light conditions.I wish i had taken photos of the engine as I got it and then through the restoration.

For the price you would spend on gas to go 300 miles you could buy a half dozen Marx 999's on eBay. I decided to construct a portable 4X6 Christmas layout this year and display it at work at our downtown building to bring back those days of old when stores displayed Christmas scenes in their windows. Here's my layout, not to Christmas-e at the moment, Ive got some more porcelain Christmas building around here somewhere. I have figured out what is wrong with my brain!  On the left side nothing works right, and on the right side there is nothing left! I like your idea of displaying your christmas layout in window for all to see helps promote the hobby too! My Christmas layout is currently being repainted and I hope to get it finished this week some time.
My barrels are just about 1.5" tall and were purchased from a vendor at a Great American Train Show. Classic Toy Trains and O Gauge Railroading have done Product Reviews on the Adaptor, both very positive. It is rumored that the shipping amount for small orders from Al is likely to be lower than that of the same items ordered directly from Robert Grossman. 15 and I figured I will be one handed for the next month so I started working on it in early November.
The body had horrible paint all over it, the nameplates were rusted and one was painted, the headlight was missing, and one of the wheels was swollen and exploded. This is because Louis Marx created mass produced trains and toys for a reasonable price that many families could afford, whereas prior to this, many similar products were considered luxury items. The Union Pacific M10000 series was the first, which was in a lithographed tin, but there were many other designs created over the years.
The engines started off with a mechanical style but were soon updated to electrical systems.
Most were electric versions and included road names of Baltimore and Ohio and Southern Pacific.
Their toys were as popular as their trains because they were sold at prices that almost everyone could afford, and yet they still had high-quality standards. Individual descriptions will include a grading, if available, as well as a year to get a better idea of the value and quality of the particular item, so scroll down to the item specifics. There are several different shipping options available when shopping on eBay, and often, buyers will be able to choose from many different shipping options on a single item. I had looked all over for the model like that with the round windows and the lamp protruding out the top. Only that never seems to happen because there are always more small little changes that end up taking weeks to finish. Robert Grossman was very helpful in getting new parts to replace all the ones that were beyond use or missing, and I would recommend checking with him for most any needed stuff for Marx trains.
I used a red one in mine, and I can say that it really does look better with a good lens in place.
In 1955, a larger diecast steamer, 666, was introduced, and in 1959, it was cast in plastic and had smoking versions. Types of playsets created include Fort Apache, Gunsmoke, the Alamo, Roy Rogers Ranch, Rifleman, Wagon Train, the Blue and Gray, Ben Hur, and Zorro.

These words are important because they explain that it is one of the older Louis Marx toys, and it has all its original parts.
This is a great way to ensure an item arrives on time, while saving a little money as well. Whether you want to own a piece of history, play with or collect them, you can find what you are looking for on eBay.
The handrails and bell can be cleaned with an anti-rust solution, or you can just use fine grit sandpaper (600 or greater). The new nameplates are solid copper and brass instead of simulated metal color over steel, so I should probably give them a coat of lacquer for protection from tarnish.
These toys and trains are no longer in production, which makes Louis Marx trains and toys extremely popular with collectors. Marx invented their own scale for the early trains, which had a height similar to S and zero scale but was only generally half the length. Of course, there were many, many others created and produced, but these were most popular during their time frames. I already had the tender for it from my grandpa's old Marx and AF trains, and it still needs restoration. Be sure to give the steel parts a clear coat when the rust is gone if you don't paint them, because rust and tarnish can reform rather quickly in the right conditions. Anyway the second level (main level) is for my Lionel Christmas train and has the bulk of the porcelain village houses. This became a trademark of Marx trains, and the American Classic was a favorite for over four decades. The next (and I believe most common) version had a simple, fully sealed pilot with the rivets on what appears to be horizontal braces. My best job so far has been this Marx 666:There was a lot of rust on it, it was missing the lead and trailing trucks, and a drive wheel. The fifth had the Marx logo on the cab instead of the smokebox, and the sixth had no Marx logo at all. The wire handrails and bell are stainless-steel, which seems to only tarnish instead of rust. The paint seems very durable, and after existing for around 65 years, it only needed a little touch-up in a couple spots.
The coal load is very flat, and the only separate detail part is the stamped ladder on the back. The whole thing is painted high-gloss black, with the yellow New York Central lettering and Marx logos printed on.
At 13 volts with a 50 watt Marx transformer, the top speed in O was around 130 MPH, and in S, 175 MPH. Through the whole speed range, just about all you can hear is the wheels on the track, some gear noise, and the hum of the AC power in the motor. The drawbar pull is enough to pull more than ten Marx cars, but I wouldn't recommend more than five or six.

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