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INFOGRAPHIC: See how 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' have changed through the yearsSee how much "TMNT" has changed over time. WWE Talk: Vince, Stephanie McMahon spring cleaning should have spared Damien SandowWell, it was only a matter of time before WWE’s annual spring cleaning of talent came around. Man struck by train at Boston's Broadway MBTA stationBuses were replacing rail service at six stops on the Red Line Sunday afternoon after a man was struck by a train at Broadway station. UPenn prof's economics equations spark terrorism scare on planeDo you trust this economics professor? With baby's death, fatalities rise to 3 in NW Philly crashPolice announced Sunday that a baby girl involved in a fatal two-car collision that may have been caused by rainy conditions last week has died.
Man dead after struck by two vehicles in Queens hit and runToday 6:35 pm Police in Queens are searching for two drivers who hit the same man and kept going. Phillies remarkably successful in one-run ballgamesToday 4:28 pm Behind the Phillies surprising start to the season is their ability to have a puncher’s chance every outing. A Fung Wah bus crashed into a bank on June 23, 2008, in New York's Chinatown, after being hit by a dump truck, killing one person and injuring six. Rescue workers helped passengers after a Fung Wah bus overturned on an Interstate 290 off-ramp on Sept. A Fung Wah Bus Company driver passed his paperwork to state inspectors during unannounced bus inspections at the South Station bus terminal on Aug. It seems like the concept is attempting to get the capacity of an elevated transitway without having to build the infrastructure.
So would this be any more impactful than the double-decker tourist buses running through the L'Enfant core, given the overhead wire discussion?
One time I was hiking on top of Mount Washington and a small glider flew silently overhead.
We can't do it here we are not in China and the Chinese are more numerouus and they're just starting to use cars but this is very interesting. What happens when there is a turn for either the train or a car; do the cars wait for the train or the train wait for the cars.
Suffice it to say, this image is not exactly filling me with terror over the death of American innovation.
So they're trying to save on building the elevated trackway by putting the train on stilts. So Lance, you seem to be against streetcars because they are soooo last century but you'd be happy with these monsters zipping around DC? China is innovating faster than the US because of their markedly lower standard of living, their abundant cheap labor, their lack of protest rights and the close control government has over business. All the great 19th and early 20th century American infrastructure projects were built with cheap labor and lax safety standards.
This elevated frankenrailcar could fail catastrophically and call dozens of people and the Chinese government would take very little flak, and probably just dissolve the company that developed it.
I disagree with Lance about a lot of things, but I agree with his argument that this country has failed at thinking outside the box and considering bold new ideas. Yes and other great 19th century projects like the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs, nuclear power plants, fiber optic networks, and so on. Infrastructure got put on the back burner because people didn't care about infrastructure as much, not because of labor or safety laws. I'm not saying that this is necessarily a good proposal but it's definitely an improvement over traditional elevated tracks, which mean erecting a huge structure across the city for miles that blocks light and views and so on. I like how on turns it magically articulates when in the pictures the outsides look straight and solid.

Given that this transportation means has relatively few stations (which require large stations), has a high capacity, and appears intended to travel mainly in a single direction, I'd say it compares more to our Metro than other means of transport. This would actually seem to make more sense for large highways, like interstates in the U.S. Yes, China has a huge problem with converting from bike to car power, which has many causes.
While the concept is cool, the amount of planning required, coupled with existing infrastructure problems, is not doable for the Chinese government. It seems like this is a good reason for banning overhead wires in the District - we need to keep the air space open for the Monster Trains. We just earlier this summer finally approved our very first off-shore wind farm, only ten years later than our European competitors (can't blame cheap labor and lax regulation for that). It's worth trying out, building one line first, and if it works out then more lines can be built.
It’s a little odd that they intentionally have so many roster cuts this time of year, but this time it’s a little different. The species of carefully tended plantlife at the Harvard-run arboretum number in the tens of thousands.
Apparently the slightly disheveled, mop-topped and bespectacled countenance of a University of Pennsylvania professor was just too much for a fellow passenger aboard a flight leaving Philadelphia last week, because she wound up reporting him for potential terrorist activities. I think the designers are going to find so many devils in the implementation details that this system won't end up being much cheaper. Less infrastructure also makes the sight lines better when the train isn't there (nothing like the L in Chicago which brings a dark look to the streets).
I was only looking at the foreground of the picture where you can't quite see the wheels and it looks like it's hooked into the guiderail somehow.
As the shadow passed over our party, every single one of us simultaneously dove to the ground, momentarily frozen in panic. It's definitely a train and not a bus, it's basically an elevated railway in which the elevated structure goes with the train. The Monster Train will encourage a huge spike in car crashes, as people driving along the inexplicably massive 8-lane boulevard suddenly find themselves in a tunnel. Dedicated bus lanes, if the restrictions are actually enforced, often turn two lane streets into one lane streets.
Which means they have to engineer the vertical supports on the vehicle so it can hold its own when sideswiped by a truck.
Whether this is ultimately good or bad I can't say, but our higher standard of living (whether or not it will be here forever) and strict labor laws mean that we cannot innovate so quickly and dangerously as the Chinese.
If those were stopping innovation then none of the things I mention above could have happened.
Instead of having a car graze a curb, it will dent the train and cause all sorts of damage. Given that comparison, it's probably a far cheaper means of transport than Metro which requires digging deep into the ground for each mile traveled.
As my Chinese friends are fond of saying, China is a free country, when it comes to driving.
D said, what happens when this train comes to an overpass or a tree branch for that matter? Not necessarily on this particular thing, but the US is getting its clock cleaned by everyone. The series follows the four brothers Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo who are trained by Master Splinter, who teaches them how to battle evil in the city’s sewers. As part of the campaign, the crime-fighting turtles will help families find exciting things to do and see across the five boroughs.

He worked as a Product Manager for Google for six years and has lived in the Boston, San Francisco, and New York metro areas in addition to Washington, DC. I don't see how an accident could be any more detrimental than running into a streetcar in, say, Boston, would be. As for accidents, I think the difference between this and a streetcar is that passengers aren't 15 ft off the ground if there's an accident. Let's not discount the impact that this type of transport would have on historic vista viewsheds either.
It turns out there is this little place in your brain that still has a primal fear of large flying objects that swoop down from above.
And a spike in car crashes will encourage more people to ride trains, which will help fund more Monster Trains! Think of the current situation where Amtrak leases rights of way from freight rail, and is constantly held up due to freight rail delays.
It would also seem to make sense to minimize the number of stops, since the train's height may make boarding take a while. Jakeod is probably right - better for intercity service with infrequent stations and fewer traffic conflicts. China has 4300 miles of high-speed (>200 kph) rail, with 11,000 miles(!!) under construction.
The US will lead in Hollywood movies and number of cable channels you can surf, but we'll be falling more and more behind on everything else. Definitely wouldn't work on K street at rush hour which frequently has gridlock from cars and buses "blocking the box." It does look intriguing, though.
Think of it as cutting down the old, dead vegetation so more sunlight can reach the younger plants, so they can grow and flourish. Just wait until that bus monstrocity thing passes unexpectedly over you while you're driving and you'll see exactly what I mean.
This isn't like mixing streetcars and pedestrians who are aware of each other's presence and capable of stopping quickly if necessary. Imagine these things going up and down 270, switching to run above the local lanes closer to the city. A 4-lane highway becomes 6 or 8 lanes as people drive in the shoulder, in between lanes, wherever.
That brings the death toll from the car crash on Henry Avenue near Hermit Lane up to three.
But, then, Mao thought nuclear war could be good for China by eliminating alien hordes because there would be enough Chinese left around to dominate things. Despite building vertically and cramming as many buildings as possible into as little space as possible, it's simply not doable to get that many people in a compact city, and that means bicycling across town isn't really an option. Crashing down into the middle of a busy road from a decent height is so not on my bucket list. People will be driving right on the tracks of this thing, unless they are 100% cut off from traffic with fences or something, which would make the system unworkable on many fronts.
Plus, it would have to be tall enough for trucks to pass underneath it, which makes overpasses and elevated roads a huge problem (I'm looking at you, Shanghai). I see a shift occuring here similar to the one that occured a century ago between Europe and 'America'.

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