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Mexican train dominoes game got its name due to its layout’s resemblance to trains, which are emanating from a single central station.
Hence, there are no existing accounts, which testified about how and when Mexican train dominoes game was created. The objective of Mexican train dominoes is to lay out all dominoes drawn at the start of every round. As in all dominoes rules, the dominoes in Mexican train dominoes should be shuffled first thing into the game. The Mexican train dominoes play ends at once when one player is out of dominoes or if the layout has been blocked.
Mexican Train is by far the most popular game played with Double 12 Dominoes.Each player lays out chains of dominoes (called trains) from the centre domino, or he may also lay on the group's common domino chain, called The Mexican Train.
The Mexican train dominoes game is an immensely exciting game of dominoes generally played by four or more people. Nevertheless, Mexican train dominoes game is still one of the most enjoyed domino game next to Draw dominoes, block dominoes and American All-fives.
Dominoes can be placed on your own train or in the Mexican train (if existing) or in another player’s train.

Each of the players should start building a train after the initial player has placed the 12-12. On the other hand, keep in mind that exceptions and additional rules might be applied to Mexican train dominoes game variations. As for those players with dominoes left on the final round, their penalty points are the number of pips on the dominoes they have left. The aim of the game is to be the first to finish playing, and keep your train moving all the way to victory! However, as mentioned in a number of history accounts, the exclusive rights of this domino game was registered to Roy and Katie Parsons. But for those who are a little more competitive, my blog is here to help you understand the standard rules of this classic game.
If the required domino to start the game is not available, all the players should equally draw from the boneyard until it is found. If any player is unable to start their train, or does not have a 12-12, they must place a marker in that post where in their train should have started. For up to 8 players, easy to learn and incredibly fun to play!This version from tactic comes with 8 little trains and a straightforward shaped plastic hub.91 Dominoes included.

Share $37.99In stock Add to cart Add to wishlist DescriptionProduct Description The Cardinal Mexican Train Domino Game with Aluminum Case can provide hours of fun for the whole family!
The Mexican Train Domino Game is a timeless classic that has entertained kids and adults for generations.
This set includes the basic starter piece, double 12 color dominoes, nine markers and a score pad.
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