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PORTERS Members: Remember all Micro-Trains purchases earn Micro-Trains Manufacturer Credits that can be used towards current and future Micro-Trains PORTERS Club Lounge Cars such as the recently announced Soo Line Box Car below. Congress enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and we must now note that these ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14. Celebrate the gifts of the Christmas season with Micro-Trains Toy Trunk Line Christmas Set. The passenger cars in this set are aluminum with red, white and blue bands and the locomotive is black with aluminum sides and sports the “inverted arrow” logo and a red nose.
This limited edition train set, #MTL-994 21 020, celebrates 25 years of Z scale from Micro-Trains! The pictures above, and throughout this website, are the property of Zscale Monster Trains.

Perfect for under the tree, this set features a F7 locomotive pulling three 40’ flat cars hauling presents and a toy chest caboose. The 2015 Christmas Train Set features our F7 powered locomotive and 3 lightweight smoothside baggage cars. The E231 is a workhorse of the Tokyo scene, with over 2,600 cars built since its introduction in 1998, gradually displacing many older commuter and suburban trains to secondary uses or the scrap pile.
The train itself is a DC design, typically used in 10-car trains, although the Yamanote line uses 11-car trains and some suburban lines use 10+5 sets that split into 10-car and 5-car trains away from the city. And Micro Ace has modeled several specialized variants.For example, all three produce models of the Yamanote line E231-500, which I think is the most numerous with 51 11-car trains (592 cars total), and Joban line E231-0 (265 cars), but only Micro Ace produces a Sobu line E231-0 (of which there are 45 trains in service totaling 450 cars).
Availability of the Tomix models is generally good, although many previous variants of the suburban train are no longer available.Micro Ace is thus of interest because of their diversity, but at a cost.

In more recent releases they’re using basic sets with four or five cars, and two add-on sets to make a full train. These are still fairly representative of newer Kato designs (they’re using numbers in the 800s and 900s for the newest sets, but those followed the 500 sets). The car has directional head and tail lights, and when not using DCC the set facing another car (in a 10+5 configuration) can be turned off with a switch that comes in the DCC socket. Also, as noted by Don in the comments, the Tomix body-mount couplers can be used if desired.

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