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The smallest scale model train set has gone on sale – so compact that the entire layout fits inside a briefcase. The portable sets, which cost around A?725, are likely to be popular with celebrity model railway enthusiasts such as the singer Rod Stewart and record producer Pete Waterman.They are currently the smallest scale train sets on the market and fit neatly into a lockable aluminium briefcase.

The German company Noch has produced several different layouts – including snowy winter scenes and quaint villages with mountain tunnels for the trains to pass through.
The company says the mini models are designed to save space and be portable, making them ideal for businessmen or even touring rock stars.The electric sets come complete with working locomotives and passenger carriages run by a built-in controller. There is even a choice of background scenery depending on which season of the year you prefer.

Sun-kissed countryside scenes represent the summer months and snow-covered mountain ranges the winter.

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