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Our sample tour itineraries of China and China travel packages are sorted by theme and available at competitive prices, you can browse what tours are right for you for your trip to China.
Yunnan, literally means the south of colorful clouds, due to its beautiful landscapes, mild climate and diverse ethnic cultures and traditions, is one of China's major tourist destinations. Tibet, the nearest land to the sky, is known for its breathtaking landscape, splendid culture, art, buildings, and mysterious religions. Guilin, an internationally-known historical and cultural city, has long been renowned for its unique karst scenery. It took a father-son duo 10 years to complete this steam locomotive and mini railway, which has about 500 feet of track. 81 year old Jim O’Hara, a retired college professor, made a two-thirds-scale P-38 fighter replica and successfully completed its maiden cross-country trip with his wife. Gertrude Baines, who lived to be the world's oldest person on a steady diet of crispy bacon, fried chicken and ice cream, died today at a Los Angeles nursing home. Many people turn fifty and start planning for retirement, while others look forward to fulfilling their life's dreams. Whether it's focusing on a new career - or discovering a rewarding hobby - many successful late achievers find a craft or profession they enjoy, and are often rewarded with more happiness, security - and much less stress.
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This Saturday (2008-04-26) the local train-enthusiasts club has an open day on their Gartenbahn (mini railway).
I've never been here before, but a guy from work told me about it; one of his kids is a member.
Re: For kids, Mini Trains (near Basel) I can't seem to edit the original Event (It goes to an incorrect id for the post, and I'm editing something else entirely. I'll attach a photo of the beautiful steam engine, one of the engines used to tow the wagons around. Upon arrival at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, you will be met and transferred to your hotel.
After breakfast transfer to Leshan to visit the Giant Buddha, on the way visit Huanglongxi Ancient Town.

After breakfast transfer to Qianwei, catch the mini steam engine train from Shixi Town to Bagou Village. Dressed as a miner, tourists can get down into the 100m deep pit, searching the history of the first Sino-British joint venture coal mine in Sichuan and experiencing the hardships, joy and sorrow of the workers. You will be one of the staff and you are allowed into all restricted areas, getting in close contact with the bears.
Today you will visit the Green Ram Temple (Qingyang Palace), Du Fu Thatched Cottage, the Jinli Old Street, drink tea at Local Teahouse, learn to play Mahjong. Our proven travel packages have been carefully chosen to include the most popular or unique destinations and tourist attractions in China. Drive to see the Shangli Old Town, and process drive back to Chengdu, visit the Jinsha Ruins & Museum. Normal sightseeing activities as outlined in the Itinerary will be escorted with English-speaking guide.
The English-speaking guide and driver of each city accompany you throughout the entire tour in that city.
Any extra cost caused by changes of natural disasters, fires, weather, governmental and local authority orders, political change, strikes, war, riots, quarantine, custom regulations, damages or injury caused by accident beyond the control of TripChinaGuide and that has incurred due to the tourist action violating the laws. Jiayang mini steam engine train carrying tourists and villagers runs in Qianwei County, southwest China's Sichuan Province, March 20, 2011. Tourists pose for photo with the Jiayang mini steam engine train in Qianwei County, southwest China's Sichuan Province, March 20, 2011. Built in 1958, Jiayang mini steam engine train with a narrow rail gauge, used to be a coal transportation. Tourists take photos of flowers along the rail on Jiayang mini steam engine train in Qianwei County, southwest China's Sichuan Province, March 15, 2012.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Its vicinities are the paradise of hiking, caving, rafting, biking and countryside exploring. You'll explore the legendary Bashu culture, admire the Taoist mountains and the world's biggest stone Buddha, drink tea in the teahouse with a strong smack of Chengdu's everyday life, play Mahjong games with the locals, enjoy the authentic Sichuan hot pot, do volunteer work at Bifengxia Panda Base, and a visit to the beautiful villages, towns and old coal mine by the old mini steam engine train will leave you a deep impression in your lifetime. First you will take a tourist bus for about 25 minutes to the parking lot of Wannian Temple, take the cable car up, visit Wannian Temple, walk through Qingyin Pavilion - the biggest natural ecology reserve area for monkeys, till you get to Wuxiangang parking lot to take the tourist bus down to the foot of the mountain. Your keeper uniform is your passport to go in and out of the research facility as many times as you please. Some of your chores will be to help sweep the immaculate panda bins, take bamboo to the hillsides behind the bins, and best of all, feed the bears by hand.

Qingcheng for a pilgrimage to Taoist Holy Mountain, then proceed to Dujiangyan Irrigation Project to see the aqueduct used for more than 2200 years. However, as local conditions and our clients requests vary, no two trips will ever be the same.
The final arrangement will be determined by local tour guides based on the local circumstances which are beyond the control of TripChinaGuide. A single room (cabin) is subject to availability based on prior request at an additional cost; if the recommended hotel is not available, it will be substituted by a similar class one.
Later, added some passengers carriges, it became the major transportation for local villagers living in and around the mountainous Bagou town and Shixi town.
Find general information on life, culture and travel in China through our news and special reports or find business partners through our online Business Directory. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Your guide will escort you to visit the Jinsha Ruins & Museum, then you will visit a large vegetable and meat market and other local markets if time permits.
With the guidance of your travel consultants you may modify the itinerary to give a truly unique experience! As the steam trains disappear in the world, more and more tourists from home and abroad came here to visit the mini steam engine train. Later, added some passengers carriages, it became the major transportation for local villagers living in and around the mountainous Bajiaogou town and Shixi town. 1 pit of the Jiayang Coal Mine and was abandoned some 20 years ago, is now open for sightseers to venture into and experience the working life of the miners.
You will be assigned a "Master" one of the keepers of the center who will assist you and show you what needs to be done. In-between and after your working hours, you are free to roam the facility and take pictures. If you have any special request about meals, like vegetarian, or Indian food etc, please inform us in advance.

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