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In the rush to "do" Epcot, many Guests bustle right past the Garden Railway Miniature Train, a quaint exhibit in the Germany Pavilion that's worth the time to enjoy - or investigate, if you happen to be - like Debra the Disney P.I. Perhaps it's my not-so-secret desire to ride the rails, but one of my sweet surveillance spots at Epcot is Germany in the World Showcase.
The area is a natural for a private detective, even if I'm not investigating anything in particular.
And I like to think Walt, a rail fan himself, would have enjoyed seeing the Epcot Garden Railway as a permanent addition. The three electric traveling trains, primarily locomotives that may pull a car or two, are the highlight of the 50 x 130 model garden layout. The railroad uses model trains from a German company, Lehmann Gross Bahn (LGB and German for "Lehmann's Big Train"). The Bavarian village is both picturesque in its overall appearance and detailed in its execution, as is the surrounding countryside. Most of the fascination and the fun of the layout derives from something that comes naturally to a detective - snooping around. Similar to Walt Disney World itself, the miniature village would be something of a noirish landscape - visually striking but a bit creepy - without people to populate it. I regularly stop at the Epcot Garden Railway to spot any details I may have overlooked during previous visits.
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Please visit their webpage for specific hours, and their Facebook page for weather-related schedule changes. Click on the name of the railway below to view information including History, Opening Times and Locomotive Details. Please do not use any content from Miniature Railway World, without prior permission from the Miniature Railway World team.

Her cases often take her to poorly lit, sparsely peopled, but still well-themed areas of Disney World, where she counters shenanigans with snark, and sometimes silliness, but most of all with keen insight and insouciant style. It's home to the Epcot Garden Railway, a miniature train and village that is one of Walt Disney World's small - pun intended - delights. Like so much of the Disney magic, the Epcot Garden Railway is all about noticing the details. In fact, it's just steps away from the dual distractions of Karamell Kuche, the caramel kitchen which tempts with the fresh sweet smell of Epcot candy, and Sommerfest, with its savory tastes of a pretzel and beer. The trains move through the village and into the countryside, in tunnels and over bridges, past people and picture-postcard scenery. You can investigate all the secrets of the Epcot Garden Railway on your own, at your own pace. The display is filled with villagers going about their daily lives, from conversing with neighbors to working in the orchards. There's a meticulous attention to details in the trees, miniature topiaries, and other plants, their use common to garden railways in order to evoke a realistic miniature world.
Disney also wants to keep guests alert and returning to the "scene of the crime." The model village and railroad regularly change in some details, especially to mark special Epcot events. What was the size of the miniature camera Disney attached to the Epcot Garden Railway train?
Scenic miniature train rides through Wheaton Regional Park, historic carousel rides, and party room rentals year-round. Scenic miniature train rides through Cabin John Regional Park; party room rentals year-round. You're invited to accompany Debra each week as she solve baffling mysteries and pursues adventure. And that makes this theme-park spot ideal for any Disney investigator looking to practice her craft.

But the display turned out to be so popular that it's become a permanent fixture of the Germany Pavilion.
There are public spaces, such as city hall and a church, as well as businesses and private residences. You can even get relatively close to the various scenes by following the human-sized footbridge that runs through the layout's middle. For eagle-eyed guests, there's even a happy gathering of people celebrating one couple's wedding. All original content on DisneyDispatch, unless specifically stated, belongs to DisneyDispatch. The train is designed to run on a 45mm gauge track that takes a tour around the village and countryside.
Anything not belonging to DisneyDispatch belongs to someone else: it appears here with permission or under fair use and may be removed upon the copyright holder's request. It navigates through the scenery of Balboa Park, goes through a tunnel, and passes near another kid favorite – the Balboa Park Historic Carousel. If you are looking for something more than what is offered in a cafe, Balboa Park’s Prado Restaurant is more of an upscale full service restaurant.
The Balboa Park Miniature Railroad and the San Diego Zoo share the same main entrance from Park Boulevard.
If you approach Balboa Park using southbound SR-163, traffic occasionally backs up a little over a mile before reaching the Park Boulevard Exit, which is the same exit for the I-5 northbound. Likewise, if you are planning to get on SR-163 northbound after leaving the Miniature Railroad, plan on a short delay during the mid and late afternoon hours as a few entrance ramps merge together before reaching the highway.

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