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Find counting cars dodge dreamer tune-up combos sum-csumcc20001 and get free shipping on orders over $99 at summit racing! This is a list of episodes from the reality television series counting cars, a spin-off of the series pawn stars, which airs on the cable network history.. If you watch counting cars you just saw one of these fully restored, this truck started out life as a 1 ton dodge van back in '78. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The project for this month is a 1941 Willies old school gasser, being built by Ron and Bev Kauble. Ron did most of his racing in California, a lot of his compitetion were some of the greats of the sport, like Big Daddy Don Garlius. Ron did not make it to this great event as he was in the process of getting married to Bev.
Ron’s income was made as a Machinist, and from the way he lives and the quality of the work i have seen, he is very good at it. Ken Lunn saw the 41 in the Wheels and Deals and showed it to Ron and Bev and they at first were going to take a pass, but like all good couples, they sat down and talked it over, and decided to buy it. Steering wheel is a Grant, gauges are Sturart Warrner, Seats are and after market brand and look great. Ron hopes to drive the rig to our car show in September, but will be sans paint, but who cares i just want to hear it run! Bob does most if not all of the work on his rigs from overhaul of the engine to laying on a dazzling paint job.
The grill is something else, the center grill is really rare and can go for as much a twenty five big ones! Professional installation recommended Prep work may be required prior to painting Free Shipping within the 48 United States!

He started off with a frame that he got from a club member, Arne Kantola, a lot  of work as been done to it and it is close to being done. Tim plans on unbolting the back section and bolting on a fiberglass panel section in its place. In 1970 Ron’s car won the Top Gas Speed Product in a front engine rail, running a 392 Chrysler engine.
Ron had had this project in his head for a long time and had been collecting ideas about what he wanted to do with a rig like this so it was on. You’ll have to ask Ron about the radiator, it is out of a jeep, ask Ron about it , as a lot of work went in to get it. Bob is holding a chunk of metal that was jerry rigged to the side and he took it out and welded it up like it should be.
Their youngest son was living in Sandpoint when they decided that they had had enough of California life, so bypassing Calorado, they moved to Sandpoint.
It has Pro Filter Aluminum heads, balanced and blue printed, molly pistions,Manley foraged cam, and a 671 blower with two Holly 600’s on top.
So he talked to people in the bussiness and read anything he could get his hands on, and thought I can do this. He took Bob along to help get them home, and little did Bob know that he would end up with the 37. To help with the running of a car and the running of the girls, Tim worked as a car-hop, will maybe that was a fry cook at Ron’s Drive-In in the Spokane Valley. Ron did some of the driving at these events, but was really the man behind the engine building and fabracation of the car.
He is going to return the truck back to its early glory in the only way he can, with love and hard work. Bod may cut out the center of the rim and weld in a newer outter ring to be able to run different tires.

He has some nasty rust spots on the  back lower panels that have to be taken care of, you know the kind, like it was shot with a shotgun! With the help of a few friends he bought and built a ’57 Chevy two door hard top, he was now 17. He plans on applying some type of patch panel, one of  the ideas is to apply a fiberglass patch, another is to use a panel glue and a metal sheet of tin.
They currently manufacture and distribute over 10,000 products globally including North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. The fastest car that he has owned was a 383 Magnum Dodge Dart, with a four speed on the floor. From their humble foundations in the summer of 2000, they have striven to offer the largest variety of high quality aerodynamic products at the most affordable prices. Since the beginning, they have been designing, manufacturing, and distributing aerodynamic products for the Sport Compact, Domestic, European, Truck, and SUV industries. He has had many Rods over the years and has been showing them around this area since ’86. It seemed to fade away as the Boys got older and got married or moved away, so the club went under.
In 1999 Tim with Jim Neveau, Dave Townsend, and Bill Zantow, while sitting eating some Burgers at Burger King, and kicking things around, one of them said lets start up a car club.

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