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Once upon a time, more than half all cars in existence and on the roads were Ford Model T vehicles. The Ford Model T also had a epicyclic transmission – one pedal to go forwards, another for reverse. If mind-boggling growth projected in the next five years happens as planned, Tesla’s pivotal $35,000, 200-mile-range Model 3 may the most important and society changing electric car of all time – that no one has yet seen. Anticipated for years, a bit late to the party at this point, when a pre-production prototype is finally shown, it’s intended as the third stage of Tesla’s three-phase plan to blast EVs into the forefront of public consciousness. Enabled by the world’s largest battery plant now being built to supply cost-effective energy, the Model 3 is to be the ”volume car” central to 15-times higher projected production for Tesla than last year’s 32,000 vehicles to one-half million cars annually by 2020.
The Model X is the car more eyes are on at the moment, and both its and the Model S’ design were known years in advance of their launch. Stage one was the proof-of-concept but necessarily pricey Roadster, stage two is the mid-level Model S (pictured above) – which ironically can sticker for more than the original Roadster in fully kitted P85D trim. And stage 3 – Model 3 – is the car for “the masses” – the promise for everyone else without necessarily deep pockets, and this one really has to be priced to sell.
In September 2013, Former General Motors CEO Dan Akerson – who in summer 2013 had tasked a Tesla watch team – indicated a car of this spec was in the works in response to Tesla. Following are some highlights on the car Tesla needs to succeed to nail home its EV agenda – an agenda that’s already underway before the star of the show has even been revealed. Once codenamed “BlueStar” when but a gleam in its parent company’s eyes, then later called Model E, Tesla tweeted last July the new entry level EV will be called Model 3.
While the Model S was well-stacked with pre-orders before its June 2012 arrival, and Model X is pre-ordered to the hilt, Tesla has not started taking pre-orders on Model 3, but one might presume it could open a floodgate if and when it does. Characteristically not dissuaded, Musk fired back that the Model 3 could be priced a couple thousand dollars less than the Bowtie brand’s best shot. Both are expected to get 200 miles range, and Musk said $35,000 for the Model 3 is less than maybe $37,500 for the Bolt which would net at $30,000 or so after a $7,500 federal credit.
Assuming this is the case, a Tesla EV for $27,500 after tax credit – and cheaper in California and states where state credits could also be applied – would be quite an alternative to today’s top EV, the 84-mile, $30,000 Nissan Leaf (around $22,360 after credit). Of course by 2017, there will be a new Leaf, reportedly a purpose-built Ford, the Chevrolet, possibly others, but the Model 3 has Tesla watchers hoping a lot of trickle-down cool factor from the Model S and X will be baked in. We’ve never seen Tesla drop its price, but manufacturer incentives, discounts, or other cost savings passed on could at least conceivably happen for the majors, if not also Tesla, to alleviate sales resistance if needed, but these speculations are really too early to settle.
In 2013, head of Tesla design Franz von Holzhausen – who once said BMW’s i3 is like something that Ikea would have made – made statements to German magazine Autobild leading to reports the Model 3 would be shown by the 2015 Detroit auto show. As mentioned, that show came and went in January where instead we had the surprise Chevy Bolt. More recently, Musk told the Reno Gazette-Journal – the paper covering its nearby Gigafactory under construction – that the Model 3 will not see as many delays as did the Model S or Model X. If von Holzhausen sneers at BMW’s $43,000 purpose-built EV, one would surmise the Model 3 will be pretty cool, but your guess may be as good as any. Early reports had von Holzhausen and others saying this would be a BMW 3-Series fighter – or, for that matter, an alternative to any mid-level internal combustion sporty sedan, such as an Audi A4 or Mercedes C-Class. In October 2014 Auto Express did one of its artist conception photos of a shrunken Model S like car to plant that idea into peoples’ heads, but that may have been misleading.
No photos or drawings of what to specifically expect are known to have been circulated by Tesla. Musk also told the RGJ Model 3 will be less “adventurous” at first than the Model X has been.

What this may mean is a rear-wheel-drive only base-level Model 3 intended to make good on that all-important price and timing target.
Later, suggests analyst Alan Baum – in addition to Musk’s own statement – we might see all-wheel drive, bigger batteries, other fancy trimmings – and sticker prices to match.
Worth noting is the original 40-kwh base Model S was supposed to net for just under $50,000 after federal credit but that car was canceled due to low orders.
The Gigafactory is going up ahead of schedule, and this is the means whereby Tesla hopes to sell $35,000 U.S. Barclays’ analysis notes also that spending on the Gigafactory and Model 3 has only been $107 million to date on the factory that could cost around $5 billion.
Tesla is spending ahead of demand, and will need to amp up spending as it aims to bring its paradigm-shifting mystery car to market in the next couple of years. The enterprise, its stock price, and media buzz all reflect this and the massive potential of the Model 3 that – if it succeeds – could already be said to be be altering the EV world as once did Ford’s Model T before it’s even gotten here.
If you still want to take your big sedan on mountain roads, then the BMW 7 Series is what you’re looking for. 2015 BMW 7 Series model hold a surprise under the hood, it has a new 6-cylinder diesel engine. The 2015 BMW 7 Series is a rolling showcase for BMW’s in-vehicle technology and design. When compared to the controversial designs of its predecessor, the 5th-generation BMW 7 Series is visually sleeker and more refined, particularly when outfitted with the striking body and wheel modifications of the available M-Sport package. With the addition of the 2015 740 Ld xDrive, luxury-minded fuel-efficiency fanatics have one more reason to check out the 7 Series, thanks to its excellent power, torque and fuel economy. Tesla has confirmed the inclusion of 2016 Tesla Model X in their production line and would be soon available in the market for sales. Makers have not yet revealed the interior and exterior specifications of 2016 Tesla Model X yet. AWD setup would be complemented by all the other aspects of the car, from its rear to front.
Incoming search terms:crossover electric carnew tesla 2016Tesla Model Xx6 picturesBe Sociable, Share! Introduced in 1908, the Ford Model T was, in the words of Henry Ford, available in any color you wanted, as long as it was black. Acceleration figures are not available, however the engine was noted for its high amount of torque, so it can’t have been terrible. The Model X, now believed to be in beta stage could also be lumped in with the Model S as a car Tesla head Elon Musk – and many thousands of reservation holders – have a deep personal interest in.
But aside from direct sales of the Model 3 – whether substantial or less than planned – its influence as a goad to major automakers means this one as-yet-unseen car could be considered most responsible for accelerating EVs to the next level from today’s $30,000, 80-some-mile first-generation cars. Instead of Model 3 being revealed in Detroit this January as had been predicted two years prior, news was Chevrolet’s BMW i3-like Bolt had beaten Tesla to the punch. As the Gigafactory battery plant intended to make its li-ion batteries goes up, the priority is to get Model 3 built and ready too.
Considering it will cost half of a base Model S, Tesla will need to find all the cost savings it can, while delivering enough sizzle beyond the spec sheet. Whether it will be auto pilot capable from the start or later is just one of many unknowns that keeps the Tesla forums busy. The good news is that one don’t have to sacrifice driving pleasure just to convey a status in life, thanks to the 7 Series.

It sacrifices next to nothing when it comes to luxury, but still offers up a compelling driving experience that’s often hard to come by in high-end luxury sedans. This turbocharged 6-cylinder offers up fuel economy that is superior to the ActiveHybrid 7 model, and it can accelerate to 60 mph in just over six seconds. The optional “multicontour” front seats adjust 20 ways to suit a variety of body shapes and sizes!
LED headlights are now standard on V8 and V12 7 Series sedans, and the luxurious and powerful Alpina B7 now has a 19-inch wheel option with all-season tires. However, from a look at the prototype of this model, some features can be concluded which would form its basic features. One has to cling onto time to be able to know the detailed specifications of 2016 Tesla Model X officially declared by its makers.
Speculations in the market refer that this new Tesla crossover would be mated with the same engine as that of model S. Some sources claim that 2016 Tesla Model X would be priced at $70,000; while some other says that it would be available at a price of $45,000. Behind this funny, nonsensical quote is hidden the genius that allowed so many to have access to a car: automation andA standardization.
When the last Ford Model T rolled off the assembly line in Highland Park, Michigan in 1927, over 15,000,000 of them had been built. Further, Nissan, Chevrolet and Ford have made substantial cuts to their first-gen plug-in products, have offered cut-rate leases, but not before offering them for more at first. While the BMW 7 Series is great to be driven in, thanks to the roomy Li long-wheelbase models with their extra rear-seat room, all 7 Series BMWs are even better from the driver’s seat.
Non-diesel 740 models get a 315-horsepower turbocharged 6-cylinder, while a twin-turbo V8 motivates the 750 model.
It is being rumoured to arrive in the market in late 2014 or at the start of 2015 at the most. Ford‘s innovative mass-market production techniques needed everything to be as standard and streamlined as possible, reducing options, but the result was a wonderful car. Whether you choose the 6-cylinder-powered 740i, the V8 750i, the monstrous V12-powered 760i, or the high-lux Alpina B7 model, you can get your 7 Series in short or long versions with extra rear-seat room, and in rear-drive or all-wheel drive. This new crossover would have some new features that would be a surprise to crossover enthusiasts and lovers. But recent reports confirm that this electric crossover would be available in front wheel drive mode only.
Reportedly, Tesla claims that this new model X could reach 60 mph from s standstill in just 5 seconds.
The twin-turbo V12 in the 760Li puts out 535-horsepower and an earth-moving 550 lb-ft of torque. This is interesting as with all wheel drive system, the car would be easy to control on both on-road and off-road terrains. Every 7 Series model sends power to the rear wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission, and you can get rear-wheel drive by opting for BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive system.

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