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Until now , the Mark X , was done a year after the full model change of the crown , but there are twists and turns , such as hybrid drive system and , it seems delayed for about a year .
This can be Judging from the fact that Sato Koichi have appeared in the CM of the hybrid Toyota ReBORN .
There may be a careful opinion , but Mark ? until now , the new Mark X that has changed significantly from the Mark X will probably appear . In the same performance as the Premio , I will be the car of the design difference basically . This entry was posted in Hybrid cars and tagged Toyota Allion, toyota Hybrid, Toyota Mark X. 2015 Honda Fit Hybrid (Japanese model)Enlarge PhotoToday on Green Car Reports: The 2015 Honda Fit will debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show in a few weeks, the full story of the collapse of battery maker Envia, and a new ad turns electric cars into slot cars. See what it's like to upgrade a Tesla Model S with the 60-kilowatt-hour battery pack to 85 kWh.
Finally, why not spend the first weekend of winter looking at spy shots of the 2015 MINI Cooper Convertible? Honda's all-new Fit launches today in its home country of Japan, and with it comes the latest version of the Fit Hybrid--with Honda's completely new hybrid drivetrain technology. Where once the Honda Fit Hybrid sold in Japan and Europe used the same mild hybrid Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) powertrain as that of the current Insight, the new Fit Hybrid uses a new SH i-DCD layout. SH i-DCD stands for Sport Hybrid Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive, giving some clues as to how the full hybrid system works.

This is paired with an electric motor, sitting between the engine and a new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission--replacing the continuously-variable transmission (CVT) that divided opinion in the old car. Unlike the IMA car, the electronics can decouple engine and transmission while using the electric motor, allowing drivers to pull away entirely on electric power. The upshot is a system with much greater efficiency than before--a healthy 85.6 mpg on the very city-biased and low-speed Japanese test cycle--and potentially more fun, thanks to the dual-clutch gearbox and combined 134 bhp output. It's worth noting that the Fit's Hybrid system is different from that of those found in the Accord Hybrid and the upcoming Acura NSX, and has been developed specially for the firm's smaller cars. Nor will it be coming to the U.S, though the Fit itself will appear next Spring when Honda's Mexican assembly plant is in full swing. In a country with as large a population as China, luxury car manufacturers have in recent years increased their showroom presence and marketing efforts to capture a slice of a growing market that has the potential to dwarf US or European high end vehicle sales, not just amongst China’s many millionaires, but also amongst communist party officials and other government bureaucrats. With corruption rife and laws that protect party elites from scrutiny, buyers of luxury cars see no reason to curtail their expenditure, with some unofficial estimates saying the Chinese government spent over $15 billion on cars last year, though exact numbers of luxury and high end cars isn’t known.
So prevalent is the purchase of expensive foreign manufactured cars many activists are now photographing excess and uploading pictures of government owned cars to private websites and social media networks in an effort to encourage more accountability from civil servants. Police in China are not immune from demanding expensive foreign built automobiles, apparently the top officials in the riot and crowd control police in Beijing also have Bentley cars, though theirs are blue, and can be seen entering and leaving the police headquarters building carpark.
Using government bought luxury cars for official business might be understandable, however critics of the communist party say officials who have been allocated cars see their use as including personal trips to shops, family holidays, and even for use by spouses whilst officials are in the office working. Whilst the extravagance of the Chinese communist party seems shocking, the habit of supplying officials with better quality things dates back to the 1940s when perks such as nicer houses, cars, lakeside holidays, and tailored clothing were allocated based on seniority.

Its 1.5-liter engine capacity is larger than before, and the engine itself is all-new, utilizing an Atkinson combustion cycle like that of hybrids from rival Toyota. While the old system could run on electric power alone, it was a less sophisticated system that still turned the engine over, with no ability to decouple. The regular hatchback model will be followed by a Fit sedan and even a compact crossover--likely to be influenced by Honda's Urban SUV Concept shown earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show.
At the communist party headquarters in Beijing a frequently seen ultra-luxury vehicle is a chocolate brown Bentley Mulsanne with all gold trim and all the options rumoured to be worth $560,000. Shanghai police recently bought 22 BMW 5 series sedans for use during the 2010 World Expo, and Mercedes-Benz SUVs and Porsche Cayennes have been described as highly prized for police officers whose young children need to be transported safely to school rather than risk using overcrowded school buses. As China has embraced economic reforms, many party officials feel that imported cars, and especially imported luxury cars, allow them to maintain a level of status that competes with private business people. A popular joke in China is that generals need to be able to get to the frontline in any war quickly, and Italian supercars are the most efficient vehicle of choice. A cynic might comment that etting away from the frontline would be a better use for an unarmed and poorly armored fast car.

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