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That same year (1965), I bought a model of a 1955 Chevy Bel Air, sprayed it racing orange according to the picture on the box, affixed all the decals including a large number decal on the doors and took several B&W photos against various backgrounds trying to pose it as a real, full-size car! We’re still trying to figure out a means of adding LED lights to the eyes of my Rat Fink door lock knob kits. I’m from the hippie era and I knew no one who would even consider sniffing glue, although I did have a friend who drank a good part of a bottle of Robitussin trying to get a buzz. This means you’ll need to make with the sandpaper and Model Bondo— just like with real Detroit cars! So incredibly silly and over-the-top with its bubble canopy for the driver and the blown, smokestacked mill riding shotgun.

I wasn’t interested in cars until age 14, the day dad drove home with a beautiful, used, 5-year-old 1960 Impala Sports Sedan. Though, that’s kind of like expecting an AMC Gremlin to perform like a Japanese subcompact.
Both are from another era, and judging them by modern standards doesn’t strike me as fair. I had also grabbed a Battlestar Galactica Viper and Raider that were re-released around the same time. The other japanese model kit makers like Fujimi were not as good as Tamiya, but pretty close.

The only problem was when I used to go to the hobby store, Woolworth or WT Grant to buy the kit the salesperson would not want to sell me the airplane cement to go with it. So my 10-12 year old self would argue with the clerk and tell them all I wanted to do was build my kit.
So I would buy the kit and then have my folks come back to buy the glue or my dad always had a leftover tube in his workshop.

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    Model train refers to the it will price me about $100 to create worked erratically but Bachmann sent a replacement.