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The second photo shows a close up from the brand new model of the soon to be bridged 'gap' just north of Loughborough Central. The bridging the gap stand is at Quorn all weekend, so please come and say 'hi', ask questions - and most of all, drop any spare coins into the bucket. If you are a Friend of the Great Central Railway, you can access Main Line Xtra which provides additional news, special offers and features. For her second look, Candice transformed into a butterfly as she wore her golden locks down in luscious curls.
Wearing a lace underwear set, Candice had a large red bow in her hair and accessorised with a pair of leather gloves.The model was pictured blowing a kiss to the audience as she teetered along in a pair of silk strapped heels which were completed with transparent platforms.
Last year Candice sparked fears when she shocked with her alarmingly thin figure at a Victoria's Secret event. The blue-eyed model appeared to have come straight from a work-out session, wearing a pair of grey tracksuit bottoms and a blue and white tie-dye sports bra. Following the controversial appearance, Candice defended her dramatically slimmed down figure, insisting she was perfectly healthy. New posts in this News Section will get accepted by the system, but will not appear to visible in the forum immediatly.

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Bachmann Europe Plc has produced exclusively for The National Railway Museum, a model of the BSK support coach that they operate in conjunction with locomotives that are part of the National Collection.
Is that some light weathering I see ?If it is I would have though that the support coach would have been prestine to match the locomotive.
QUOTE (bro sewell @ 24 Aug 2007, 10:08) A quick question,Why are all Bachmann Limited Editions done in runs of 504? If anyone's using ebay you can now find them on there for sale although it appears the listing has ended for now. If anyone has one of these, could you do a measurement of the letter height as i am after some transfers to do a model of it. Exhibitors have been setting up all day - this is one of the biggest events we've ever staged.

Following the controversy, Swanepoel later appeared to put on some weight, but in the lead up to the lingerie giant's 2012 Fashion show on Wednesday, the blonde stunner seems to have shed even more off her already tiny frame. She along with all the other Angels including Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima and Lily Aldridge, have been working hard to get into tip-top shape for the star-studded show in New York, which will air on December 4. I don't think the NRM would want the coach to be weathered, not least because it hardly reflects well on them! Interesting proposition but it does seem a bit much - ?30 (via mail order) for a Mark One?
Tweezers are best for removing and replacing the water pipe representations in the coach ends when dismantling. I'm no expert, though I recall there being a similar discussion on another forum a while back. No need to totally remove them, leave them fitted in the roof.The cosmetic couplers may be located in the bufferbeams, (but look a bit silly if a buckeye coupler is used). 39-000U) is available to visitors from the National Railway Museum shop at York (Telephone 01904 621261) or by Mail Order from The National Railway Museum, Leeman Road, York, YO26 4XJ for ?25.00.

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