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My recent Op Session gave me an opportunity to test drive my homebrew Car Card & Routing system. I designed my own car cards & waybills after reviewing several articles in MR that I had bookmarked over the years. The colour coding for the blocking and HAZMAT designation all happens automatically, thanks to the conditional formatting features in MS Excel 2010.
The Car Orders fit in front of the card hiding the home routing info, but leaving the important car data.
Several car orders can be stored behind the car card in the sleeve to be swapped for future moves. Car Card Managment.xlsx (39kb) - This file contains sheets for the blocking codes, Car Card Template, and Waybill Template.
The Trainventory software is an abbreviated version of our popular Visual Train Caboodle program and contains the Model Train inventory component and a Car Card and Waybill section.

A number of individuals have written numerious articles about model railroad layour operation so we will only summarize the workings of Car Cards and Waybills in Trainventory.
The first step in the process is to create one car card for every piece of rolling stock you have on your layout.. The software was developed to be up and running in minutes with easy to use menus and help at just the touch of the key. The lookup tables will insure that as you are adding or making changes to the inventory file your data will be consistent. Model Railroad Software - Let our software help improve your operation and safeguard your inventory.
This is one of my temporary control panels, I use it so I can run trains until I finish my CTC control Panel.
I then created the card design in MS Excel and designed the cards to fit into standard baseball card sleeves.

When printed, this card is folded to store Waybills into and contains enough information is on the card to identify the piece of equipment and the home yard location. You are not limited to the number of waybills that may be created, if you need 8 waybills just enter them into the program, if you need a 100, no problem! It shows a sample of the graphics I will use to display the track plan on the control panel.

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