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What a great idea, Tom, particularly for us N Scalers who have a hard time reading individual wagon numbers. The simple car card system is great for a layout the size of mine (12 feet by 9 feet) I'm adding the set out industry, pickup and destination to my train authority sheet. I personally like having detailed car card systems, but this is fun and certainly meets my friend's needs. Working in N Scale, I, too, have no interest in reading the car markings, preferring to identify cars solely by type. I use a computer generated switch list that, based on the industries and their needs, and the frequency of delivery randomly generates the switch lists. What is the possibility of publishing or sharing your Word & Excel files for this card system set-up?
If you shoot me your e-mail I can send my template and you should be able to delete my info and enter yours and have a template of your own or at least see how I put it together. If you send us your latest files, we'll post them in the subscriber bonus section for free download.
My recent Op Session gave me an opportunity to test drive my homebrew Car Card & Routing system. I designed my own car cards & waybills after reviewing several articles in MR that I had bookmarked over the years.
The colour coding for the blocking and HAZMAT designation all happens automatically, thanks to the conditional formatting features in MS Excel 2010. The Car Orders fit in front of the card hiding the home routing info, but leaving the important car data. Several car orders can be stored behind the car card in the sleeve to be swapped for future moves. Car Card Managment.xlsx (39kb) - This file contains sheets for the blocking codes, Car Card Template, and Waybill Template.
My old car cards could be reused as I simply cut off the clear pocket at the bottom of the cards and re-taped a new one on.
I am a retired SIGNAL & COM FOREMAN for Canadian Pacific RR (my checks said SOO LINE) and this is going to be the closest we modern day modelers are going to get (the full size RR have went to a IPOD type of set up) Paperless work orders!

I had my friend at CN help me a little with modern paperwork, but was yet trying to figure out how to do the modern way of switching. Paperwork provides the place to record rail car weight and is a job aid that informs operating crews what weighing duties they need to perform.
Four-sided waybills can be modified to include a field for weighing information (WEIGHED box in the lower right corner of each half of the bill).
Left) This bill (Side 1) requires weighing in Denver's Rice Yard, signified by the highlighted "RY" in the "WEIGHED at" field and the blank space below for the weight. Merely highlighting a local yard (as for RY in the bill above) proves too subtle for local train and yard crews. This WIT form tells the local crew to take this car to Rice Yard in Denver, and the Denver Yard Master to weigh this car before forwarding. Right) Once the car is weighed in the yard, the WIT form is removed and the weight recorded on the waybill. A mine block waybill like this is used to record reporting marks, car number, and gross weight of each loaded coal car.
All the usual waybill information is preprinted on the block bill, as well as where to weigh and where to return when empty. Other model railroad traffic generation systems create tables of car routings, switch lists, wheel reports, and the like. Ensure the appropriate car routings take weighing into account as described in Weighing Loads.
On a final note, we also need paperwork to document the annual weighing of empty cars, and the certification of track scales with Scale Test Cars. Definitive summary of railroad track scales, how they work, how they are used, and how they are maintained, with suggestions on how to integrate rail car weighing into model railroad operations. Railroad handbook describing weighing of all types of freight, track scales, and even the internal mechanism of railroad beam scales. Detailed technical specification of modern scales, including display division units, testing procedures, tolerances, and more. Model Railroad Software - Let our software help improve your operation and safeguard your inventory.

This gives a train crew a schematic map of the layout, space to record the train authorities permitting the the train to travel between stations and the cars to be handled. Like many N-scalers, he does not like car cards and the need for looking at tiny card numbers.
The number of set-offs and pickups are indicated with wet erase markers rather then being pre-slugged.
I then created the card design in MS Excel and designed the cards to fit into standard baseball card sleeves. I was having some issues with the ebb and flow of traffic on my railway and needed to create some new bills an probably remove others to adjust the traffic flow. Mine are double sided as the empty car bill is on the other side of the loaded freight bill. We had discussed an old MRR article which had a similar system and eventually he came up with the system currently in use. For more formal sessions he will have cards ready to go for any trains all ready made up at the start of the session.
There is no train card for the paper mill switcher and just a yard card to build the trains bringing cars.
I also have some empty car bill only cards so that I can send empties anywhere I need them. The old simplified info is still on the top of the cards but it is covered when there is a waybill inserted and is easier to read when looking for cars in the yard.
This may be just the shot for easing people into operations who might otherwise think it's all too hard.

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