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Once again this holiday season, the Short Line Model Railroad Club of Ephrata, PA has a wonderful Christmas delight for the whole family. The Schuylkill & Lehigh Model Railroad Club operates independently from the W,K & S Railroad but follows a similar schedule. The Schuylkill and Lehigh Railroad Club is dedicated to building, maintaining and operating a model train layout inside an actual 19th century passenger car (Coach Car #72) at the home of the WK&S Excursion Railroad located in Kempton, Pennsylvania. The actual Schylkill and Lehigh Railroad was chartered in 1880 and ceased operations in 1923.
The layout is an HO gauge representation of the Schuylkill And Lehigh Branch of the Reading Railroad. Watch for the seasonal opening of the Schuylkill and Lehigh Model Railroad the first Sunday in May, 2015.

When you visit the WK&S Railroad, be sure to stop by our model railroad layout in the coach immediately behind the WK&S Train Station. Everyone will enjoy viewing miniature trains rolling though the detailed scenery representative of northeastern Pennsylvania, on a 900+ foot long double tracked main line, and a 75 foot long single tracked branch line. All phases of construction are on display, with various types of layout construction represented.
We own and operate an HO scale freelanced 2000 square foot layout, modeling many Northeast Railroads from various era's. Many of the model locomotives feature realistic steam and diesel sounds, and are controlled by wireless digital controllers.
The HMRRC is located at 97 Martin Street in the (Hudson Section) of Plains Twp, Pennsylvania.

Be taken back to the days when coal was king, and the railroads were starting the switch to more modern diesel power, while still running steam locomotives.
This is a great way for individuals who have no room for a layout to run their equipment and share in an enjoyable hobby with others.

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